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Personalised & Customised Pulsar

PULSAR®: The Embodiment of Utility, Dependability, and Innovation in High-Visibility Workwear

Here at Workwear Express, we're excited to bring you the iconic brand PULSAR® - a name synonymous with superior quality, commitment to worker comfort, and relentless innovation in the realm of high-visibility clothing. For over four decades, PULSAR® has been transforming work conditions for countless people, making it a trusted partner for our clients in need of reliable workwear solutions.

PULSAR®: Crafting Success with a Human-Centric Approach

At the heart of PULSAR®'s success are its core values of partnership, reliability, and mutual respect - principles that have remained steadfast since the brand's inception in 1979. With a dedicated team of technical garment specialists, PULSAR® addresses everyday challenges, translating them into functional and attractive workwear designs. These designs are meticulously brought to life in select production facilities worldwide, each garment reflecting the brand's commitment to quality and innovation.

Pushing Boundaries with Advanced, Certified Workwear Solutions

A hallmark of PULSAR® is its unwavering drive to innovate, resulting in certified, technologically advanced workwear products. Whether braving the elements or navigating potential workplace hazards, PULSAR® wearers can confidently perform their tasks, safe in the knowledge that their workwear has got them covered.

PULSAR® High-Visibility Clothing:

Performance and Protection Combined Our extensive collection of PULSAR® high-visibility clothing is as diverse as it is dependable. From waterproof storm coats and polo shirts to combat trousers and bomber jackets, each garment in this collection is engineered to not only meet but surpass the expectations and requirements of the wearer.

Moreover, PULSAR® is all about adaptability. Take, for instance, our collection of high-visibility mid-layers, which includes soft shells, reversible body warmers, and polar fleeces. Each item features interactive YKK zips, allowing them to be effortlessly zipped into our unlined storm jackets for additional protection and warmth.

Make it Yours with Personalised PULSAR® Workwear

At Workwear Express, we offer personalised solutions, allowing you to elevate your workwear game with custom branding, be it printed or embroidered, to foster a stronger sense of team identity and professionalism.

Explore our comprehensive collection of PULSAR® workwear today. We stand ready to assist you, translating your needs into functional and stylish solutions that truly make a difference to your everyday work conditions. Because with PULSAR® and Workwear Express, you're not just dressed for the job - you're dressed to succeed.

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