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Skytec Gloves

SKYTEC: Pioneering Hand Protection for Every Industry

Partners in Safety: Workwear Express and SKYTEC

At Workwear Express, your safety is paramount to us. We are delighted to be partnering with SKYTEC, a leading innovator in personal protective equipment, to bring you the very best in quality and safety assurance. With us, you can rest easy knowing that every purchase from our SKYTEC collection not only aligns with but exceeds the relevant safety regulations.

Advanced Hand Protection: The SKYTEC Promise

SKYTEC gloves are the epitome of state-of-the-art hand protection, designed to serve diverse industry needs. Beyond simply fulfilling your safety obligations, these gloves offer tremendous value for money and unparalleled ease of use. They positively influence worker productivity, contribute to reducing environmental and waste costs, and have the potential to decrease insurance premiums and costly downtime. It's not just a glove; it's an investment in safety, productivity, and management efficiency.

Quality, Innovation, and Value: The SKYTEC Pillars

SKYTEC gloves stand as a testament to quality, innovation, and value, earning them a reputation as some of the most technically advanced protective gloves in the industry. Each product is meticulously designed for even the most complex and hazardous tasks, offering an optimal balance of mechanical, chemical, cut, thermal, impact, liquid, and anti-static protection. When you choose SKYTEC, you're choosing an ally for your hands that can withstand the toughest conditions.

A Diverse Range for Diverse Needs

As SKYTEC has grown, so has its product range. Today, the collection spans a wide variety of gloves suited to various applications, all backed by the brand's unwavering commitment to safety and quality. From handling heavy machinery to delicate tasks requiring precision, there's a SKYTEC glove for every situation.

Sustainability and Protection Go Hand-in-Hand

In the spirit of progress, recent additions to the SKYTEC range include gloves engineered using recycled fibres. This development underpins our shared commitment to the environment and our determination to offer environmentally friendly, high-quality alternatives. When you select SKYTEC gloves, you're not only ensuring optimal hand protection but also boosting your green credentials.

In partnership with SKYTEC, we at Workwear Express are excited to offer you a glove range that encapsulates exceptional quality, innovation, and environmental consciousness. SKYTEC: because your hands deserve the best.

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