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Showa Gloves

Discover SHOWA: Unrivalled Hand Protection, Offered by Workwear Express

The SHOWA Legacy: Pioneering Hand Protection

At Workwear Express, we have the honour of providing our clients with products from SHOWA, a brand esteemed for its superior hand protection technology and relentless pursuit of innovation. With their unwavering commitment to quality and perfection, SHOWA has revolutionised the industry, expanding the capabilities of our hands, and reducing our environmental impact.

Since its inception, SHOWA has maintained complete control over its industrial ecosystem, allowing for consistency in quality and perfection at every manufacturing stage. The company conducts extensive resistance testing in its laboratories, ensuring that each pair of gloves is fit for purpose before being packaged and delivered. All SHOWA production sites worldwide have achieved ISO 9001 certification, reflecting their unwavering dedication to excellence.

Impeccable Range of Hand Protection

The SHOWA collection is an amalgamation of meticulous engineering and innovative technology, designed to cater to a diverse range of industry needs. Their product line includes gloves with exemplary wet and oily grip, such as the SHOWA Globus 380, and cut-resistant gloves like the SHOWA KV2R. They also offer chemical-resistant gloves like the SHOWA 660 ESD and thermal insulated gloves, providing protection against various workplace hazards.

It's clear to see why Workwear Express is proud to supply SHOWA gloves to our customers. Every single pair of gloves encapsulates the essence of SHOWA's expertise and stringent quality controls, providing the user with unmatched hand protection.

For those who already own a pair of SHOWA gloves, the exceptional quality is no news. We offer these excellent products at highly competitive prices, so you can enjoy superior protection without overstretching your budget.

If you are yet to experience the superior hand protection provided by SHOWA, it's never too late to elevate your personal protective equipment (PPE) standards. You will notice the benefits as soon as you don these exceptional gloves.

Extensive Assortment of Safety Gloves

We proudly offer a wide range of SHOWA gloves to cater to various industry-specific needs:

Chemical Protection Gloves:

These gloves offer robust protection against a wide array of chemicals, ensuring your hands remain safe during tasks that involve hazardous substances.

Cut Resistant Gloves:

Crafted using advanced materials, these gloves provide excellent resistance against cuts and abrasions, making them ideal for industries such as construction and manufacturing.

General Purpose Gloves:

Perfect for a broad range of tasks, these gloves combine comfort and protection, making them an essential addition to any workplace.

Single Use Gloves:

These disposable gloves offer protection during tasks that require cleanliness and hygiene, such as healthcare and food processing.

Biodegradable (EBT) Gloves:

SHOWA's commitment to environmental sustainability is embodied in these gloves. They are designed to biodegrade, reducing waste and helping preserve our environment.

Cold Weather Gloves:

Offering thermal insulation, these gloves protect your hands in freezing conditions, making them ideal for outdoor work in winter.

Heat Resistant Gloves:

These gloves offer protection from high temperatures, making them perfect for industries such as welding, glass manufacturing, and metalwork.

Impact Protection Gloves:

Crafted to provide excellent resistance against impacts, these gloves are perfect for industries where hand injuries are common.

Antistatic Protection Gloves:

These gloves prevent the buildup of static electricity, making them ideal for electronic assembly and repair tasks.

Discover the superior hand protection offered by SHOWA today. With Workwear Express, you can equip your workforce with industry-leading safety gloves, ensuring they remain safe and productive in any working condition.

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