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Non-Slip Footwear

Browse over 600 different styles of non-slip boots including non slip shoes and trainers for work, plus we have non-slip wellington boots.

Choose non-slip shoes from well-known brands like Dickies, Helly Hansen, Caterpillar, Goliath and Timberland.

Our fantastic range of non-slip work shoes allows your staff to carry out their tasks quickly, with minimal risk of slipping and falling. No matter what your business needs, we have the best non-slip boots and shoes for you. 

Ideal For Catering

Reliable and safe footwear is vital for running a catering or food business. Your staff are on their feet for long hours, and working around food and drink can easily create nasty slips and falls when carrying trays or working with dangerous equipment. 

Give your valuable staff the steady non-slip shoes they need with our choice of non-slip kitchen shoes, non-slip chef shoes and non-slip restaurant shoes. Your team will look and feel the part and put their best feet forward!

Handle Treacherous Landscapes

Perhaps your business requires your staff to work outside in all weather and treacherous landscapes. If that’s the case, our selection of non-slip sole shoes, non-slip winter boots and waterproof non-slip boots are the most suitable choice.

Everyone Included

You don’t want to leave anyone on your team feeling left out, with our wide range of designs, colours and sizes, as well as men's non-slip shoes and women's non-slip shoes, you can be sure to accommodate everyone on your service. 

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