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Personalised & Customised Russell

Russell Europe: A Legacy of Excellence in Workwear, Now at Workwear Express

A Tradition of Innovation and Quality

Since its establishment in 1902, Russell Europe has been a beacon of innovation, creativity, and superior quality. Their accumulated years of expertise is not a static asset but an ever-evolving one. They hone their skills daily, with a focus on garment decorators, retailers, entrepreneurs, and end consumers, creating garments that exhibit an unrivalled level of craftsmanship.

Sustainability: The Heart of Russell Europe

At Russell Europe, the commitment to sustainability is not a mere afterthought. Each garment they produce is designed for durability, embodying the philosophy that the most sustainable products are those that outlive fleeting fashion trends. Their commitment goes beyond product longevity; transparency is integral to their operation.

Their in-house production is complemented by a network of chosen suppliers who share their commitment to quality. Russell Europe confidently discloses their supplier list, offering buyers and partners a transparent view of the supply chain. This transparency is indicative of their adherence to high standards.

Moreover, they are relentless in their pursuit to reduce their carbon footprint. Their adherence to ecological standards and fostering a fair, sustainable working environment is reflective of their corporate responsibility.

Russell Teamwear: Empowering Teams

The core aim of Russell Europe is to create products that nurture a sense of belonging. Through their teamwear, they respond to the evolving complexity of society, infusing self-confidence and authority into every stitch. The wearer of a Russell garment is not just a team member but a self-determined, successful individual within their society and company.

Their offering is a harmonious blend of product expertise, superior quality, creativity, and innovation. This combination provides retailers exactly what they require, ensuring satisfaction for every link in the supply chain.

A Comprehensive Range for All Needs

Russell Europe's extensive portfolio covers a wide range of product categories from polo shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts to softshell garments. They cater to a multitude of needs, from corporate wear to school uniforms, promotional campaigns, and white-label basics for rebranded collections.

Their products offer versatile outfit possibilities across various segments, such as durable workwear for outdoor jobs or elegant shirts and pullovers for indoor services. Their range also extends to the food service industry, with an array of T-shirts and polos designed to handle the heat of the kitchen.

Coordinated Outfits with the “Made to Match” Principle

Russell Europe values the power of coordination and personalisation. Customers can effortlessly select outfits from the entirety of Russell's product range, creating visually cohesive ensembles that mirror their corporate identity. The “Made to Match” principle is Russell's pledge to versatility and uniformity across all product categories.

Pioneering Workwear Since 1902

Russell Europe is an industry pioneer in workwear, regularly developing and refining their range to lead the field in quality, detail, and printability. Their range extends from jackets, shirts, blouses to polo shirts, and more. Furthermore, they offer customisable printing options, enabling businesses to embody their brand identity in their workwear.

Choose Russell Europe at Workwear Express for a heritage of excellence, innovation, and sustainability in your workwear. Their commitment to quality and their expansive, versatile range makes them the ideal choice for all your workwear needs.

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