Environmental Policy

Workwear Express Ltd, a proud subsidiary of Bunzl PLC, is a leading authority in the stockholding, distribution, and customisation of a wide range of workwear, corporate attire, and team uniforms. Our extensive service offerings include embroidery, screen printing, garment design, and the production of associated artwork, as well as the provision of comprehensive managed contract services.
Staffed by a team of highly qualified and seasoned professionals, we adhere rigorously to detailed written protocols to ensure the utmost quality in all our deliverables. Lines of responsibility and accountability are explicitly defined, and routine checks are incorporated at various stages of production. Our steadfast commitment to an organisational culture of continual improvement is aligned with our corporate objectives and guided by the EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.

As a company certified to ISO 14001 standards, we ensure that all our procedures, checklists, and operational guidelines are in full compliance. Moreover, the principles embedded in ISO 14001 are deeply integrated into our formal Management System, underscoring our dedication to environmental stewardship.

At Workwear Express Ltd, the entire management team and workforce are wholeheartedly committed to environmental conservation and pollution prevention. Our initiatives span waste minimisation, energy reduction, and the promotion of recycling. Furthermore, we actively strive to engage with suppliers, contractors, and external collaborators who share our commitment to sustainable environmental practices.

A cornerstone of our Management System is our unyielding dedication to improving our environmental footprint. To this end, we establish annual environmental improvement objectives and performance targets that undergo regular monitoring and review. These benchmarks are widely disseminated throughout Workwear Express Ltd, galvanising our entire staff to commit to their successful achievement.

In summary, our Environmental Policy:

Mandates the establishment and periodic review of objectives that stem from a careful analysis of the needs and expectations of internal and external stakeholders, mitigating actions, and key process performance metrics.
Commits to satisfying all applicable legal, statutory, and customer requirements to uphold our reputation for integrity and quality.
Solidifies Workwear Express Ltd's ongoing commitment to the continual refinement and improvement of our Management System.

We take the responsibility of revisiting this Environmental Policy to assess its ongoing relevance and effectiveness.

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Chief Executive Officer
Workwear Express Ltd
6 September 2023