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Personalised & Customised Vests & Sleeveless T-Shirts

Complete the summer look with our range of sleeveless t-shirts, vests, and tank tops. With lightweight, anti-static, and breathable features, your team will stay cool whether working inside or outside during the warmer months, thanks to our range of work vests. 

Practical Work Vests

Work vests are a great addition to work and staff uniforms, especially when it comes to performance/sports. Designed for women and men, all of our canvas work vests have practical attributes, such as sculpting qualities, quick-drying properties, and varying fits, making them ideal for a range of requirements.

We also offer work tool vests and work vests with pockets, so we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your taste when you browse our well-known, top-quality brands, including Tri Dri, Skinni Fit, and Build Your Brand

Custom Logo Work Vests

In addition to supplying practical work vests available in a variety of colours made from materials including 100% cotton, polycotton, and 100% polyester, we pride ourselves on offering work vests with logo, meaning you can add your customisation and branding to any of our custom work vests.

Completing your team's look, you won’t be left waiting weeks to receive branded work vests. We can deliver within as little as 48 hours after receiving your order.

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Vests & Sleeveless T-Shirts: Embrace the Summer Workday with Style

As the mercury rises, keep your team cool, comfortable, and professional with our selection of sleeveless t-shirts, vests, and tank tops. These aren't just summer staples; they're practical additions tailored to varied professional demands.

Features & Benefits:

Optimal Comfort: Crafted with lightweight materials and boasting anti-static and breathable features, these vests ensure wearers stay fresh. This makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments during the hot season.

Versatile Design: Our work vests cater to both women and men. With diverse offerings like canvas work vests that are known for their sculpting qualities and quick-drying properties, there's something for every requirement. Whether you're after a snug fit or something a tad more relaxed, we've got you covered.

Practical Aspects: Not just about comfort and style, our collection also considers functional needs. The work tool vests and vests with pockets are perfect for professionals who require quick and easy access to their tools or personal items, allowing them to perform their tasks efficiently.

Personalised Workwear:

A Spectrum of Choices: From the timeless 100% cotton to the versatile polycotton and lightweight 100% polyester, our vests come in an array of materials, ensuring you find the one that's just right.

Branding Opportunities: Elevate the professional aura of your team with our custom logo work vests. This personal touch can resonate with both your staff and clients, reinforcing brand visibility and unity. Our wide colour palette ensures that the vests align perfectly with your brand's theme.

Relevance Across Various Sectors:

Construction & Outdoor Workers: The breathability factor makes it a top choice for those who work under the sun.

Sports & Fitness Instructors: Given the performance-enhancing attributes like quick drying.

Warehouse & Logistics: For those who need mobility without the constraint of sleeves.

Event & Promotional Staff: The custom logo vests ensure brand visibility during events.

Wrap up your team's summer look with our tailored range. Not only do we promise quality, but we also assure swift delivery, getting your branded vests to you in a jiffy. Dive into our collection and redefine summer workwear.