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Timberland Pro

Timberland PRO: Bridging the Gap Between Safety and Style

The Timberland PRO Journey: Innovation and Environmental Consciousness Workwear Express takes pride in presenting the Timberland PRO collection - a testament to over six decades of craftsmanship, innovation, and profound respect for the great outdoors. Since its foundation in 1952, Timberland has become synonymous with rugged durability and uncompromising quality.

Timberland PRO, a line dedicated to the hardworking professionals, embodies the brand's commitment to delivering superior footwear without compromising environmental sustainability. Each shoe is meticulously designed to not only aesthetically stand out but also minimise its footprint on our environment. Timberland achieves this balance through the careful selection of eco-conscious materials crafted to endure the test of time.

Embodying Excellence in Safety Footwear

Timberland PRO has cemented its position as one of the leading brands in the safety industry by offering an expansive range of safety footwear, meticulously tailored to meet the demands of various industries and professions. Every Timberland PRO safety boot marries style and function - a union that makes them one of the most sought-after safety footwear brands on the market.

Weather the Storm with Timberland PRO

Equipping yourself with Timberland PRO means you're ready for any jobsite, any challenge, and any weather condition. Specifically designed to cater to tradespeople navigating through extreme weather and harsh terrain, Timberland PRO's robust collection of safety regulation-compliant boots are as resilient as those who wear them. Our collection includes boots that meet various safety categories, such as SB, S1, S1P, S2, and S3, ensuring you're adequately protected in any work environment.

Comfort That Moves with You

Timberland PRO understands that comfort should never be stationary. Therefore, every boot is designed to provide unyielding comfort that stays with you through every step of your workday. From construction sites to factory floors, Timberland PRO safety boots remain a reliable companion, ensuring your feet are cushioned, protected, and fatigue-free.

Tailored for You: The Timberland PRO Collection

Within our range, you'll find a variety of Timberland PRO safety boots, hiker boots, safety trainers, and safety shoes. Available in a range of designs, colours, and sizes, these options cater to both men and women. We invite you to browse through our collection and explore how Timberland PRO's commitment to safety, comfort, and style translates into footwear that's ready for anything.

At Workwear Express, we go one step further, offering you the opportunity to personalise your Timberland PRO footwear. Be it printed or embroidered, we can add your brand's logo or design onto these exceptional boots, showcasing your brand identity wherever your work takes you.

Choose Timberland PRO. Choose unparalleled safety, unyielding comfort, enduring style, and unwavering commitment to our environment.

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