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Discover the Excellence of Moldex with Workwear Express

Workwear Express is thrilled to partner with Moldex, one of the most respected names in worker safety, offering the industry's finest in respiratory and hearing protection. Moldex's commitment to quality, comfort and value is what makes them stand out, innovatively crafting products that protect while ensuring durability and cost efficiency. Allow us to guide you through the manifold benefits of choosing Moldex for your safety needs.

Uncompromising Comfort and Compliance

Moldex's products are designed with one key principle in mind: optimal comfort leads to consistent compliance. By ensuring their hearing and respiratory protection masks are as comfortable as they are reliable, Moldex guarantees protection for your employees and peace of mind for you. Across various industries, Moldex provides purpose-built products that fulfil diverse workplace safety requirements, ensuring you will find the most suitable solution for your organisation.

Cutting-edge Design and Development

Each product in the Moldex catalogue is a testament to years of rigorous research, development and an unwavering commitment to safety. Their designs, developed in Culver City, California, are uniquely tailored to offer superior protection, comfort and longevity. The brand's extensive range of PPE is primarily manufactured in the USA, ensuring stringent quality control.

Pioneering Innovations

With over 70 patents to its name, Moldex is consistently at the forefront of creating inventive solutions for hearing and respiratory protection. These include the easy-access Plugstation disposable earplug dispenser, the ergonomically contoured Meteor and Glide earplugs, the breathable AirWave Respirator Masks, and the economically efficient HandyStrap and SmartStrap. These proprietary innovations are aimed at addressing the varied safety needs of your workplace with ease and efficiency.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Committed to a greener future, Moldex is proactive in reducing its environmental footprint. The brand embraces recyclable materials, eco-friendly printing methods, and has entirely eliminated the use of harmful PVC in its products and packaging. They also champion technologies that require fewer masks, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Long-lasting Durability and Quality

Moldex's superior products do more than protect workers; they reassure. The exceptional design and robust construction mean employees can trust in their safety equipment, enhancing productivity and compliance. Extended product lifespans reduce overall costs and facilitate a more economical approach to workplace safety.

Targeted Solutions for Diverse Industries

Moldex's offering is far-reaching, with targeted solutions for various sectors. From the durability demanded by construction, to the comfort crucial in healthcare, the cost-effectiveness required in mining, the robustness needed in food processing and manufacturing, to the precision essential in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Moldex has you covered.

Moldex's Product Range: Comprehensive Protection

Workwear Express provides a vast selection of Moldex products, from ear plugs to dust masks and filters. Each product is designed with meticulous attention to detail, promising the ultimate in safety and comfort for your workforce. What's more, you can add a personalised touch to these products with our custom printing and embroidery services.

Choosing Moldex via Workwear Express guarantees an investment in world-class protection, helping your workers stay safe, comfortable, and confident. To find out more about how Moldex can revolutionise your safety standards, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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