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Hi Vis T-Shirts

Elevate your team's safety, visibility, and comfort with our extensive collection of high-visibility t-shirts from leading brands like Helly Hansen, Mascot, Portwest, Blaklader, Snickers and many more. Designed for a variety of professional settings from workshops to construction sites, these t-shirts are made from superior materials and feature essential safety properties such as flame resistance and anti-static capabilities.

Our selection includes a wide array of fabric types to ensure maximum comfort and suitability for every need, from lightweight, breathable fabrics to 100% pure cotton high-visibility t-shirts. We also offer a variety of orange and red high-visibility t-shirts, catering to different industry requirements.

Customisation is made simple with our personalisation services, allowing you to add your logo to any hi-vis t-shirt. Choose from an extensive range of over 60 styles, including two-tone and mesh options, to match your brand identity and safety needs.

Compliance is key, which is why many of our t-shirts adhere to the latest safety standards, meeting rail specification norms and RIS 3279 TOM Standards. They also come in high-visibility class 1, 2, and 3 safety ratings, ensuring that your team remains protected and visible under all conditions.

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