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Result Clothing

Result - The Standard-Setter in Performance Wear

As your dedicated workwear retailer, Workwear Express takes pride in offering brands that echo our commitment to superior quality and innovation. Today, we spotlight Result, a trailblazer in the outerwear, headwear, and accessories sphere. Rooted in a robust reputation and wealth of manufacturing experience, Result excels in crafting products that align perfectly with the needs of the decoration, promotions, and uniforms industry.

The Birth and Evolution of Result: Striding Towards Excellence

Result was established with an aim to fill a distinct gap in the market - providing superior outerwear, headwear and accessories that serve not just the wearer but also the decorator. Acknowledging the necessity for effortless panel access, Result meticulously critiques and tests each style to ensure their products cater perfectly to the industry's needs. The brand's establishment in 1994 was modest, founded on twenty years of solid reputation and experience in garment manufacturing. They launched with ten stock products derived from their bespoke patterns.

The Distinctive Value of Result: High Quality, High Value

Result is an exemplar of unparalleled quality and exceptional value in the industry. Their ability to anticipate trends, their impressive stocking capability, and timely dispatch facilities make them a dependable partner for businesses. With expertise that grows exponentially with their experience, Result prides itself on their exceptional customer service and a comprehensive product range that delivers outstanding value for money. Their garments span a wide spectrum from micro-weight to heavyweight performance wear, urban to corporate attire, catering to all from age 2 to adult 4XL. Result has swiftly become the decorator's brand of choice, the perfect companion for the wearer.

Result Headwear: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Result offers an impressive selection of headwear that combines innovative textures and attractive styles with quality manufacturing. Their focus on easy decoration makes Result headwear an excellent choice for corporate branding, workwear, promotional events, or leisure activities. These items, crafted with fleece, wool, faux fur, and cotton, capture the essence of contemporary design while honouring traditional craftsmanship.

Pioneering Performance Wear: Making Result the Preferred Choice

Result continues to remain at the forefront of performance outerwear and activewear. They've earned their reputation as Europe's most trusted brand by consistently delivering top-quality outdoor clothing. The garments strike a perfect balance between style and function, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, and using the finest materials and cutting-edge technology. This ensures each garment from Result is not only aesthetically pleasing but also exceedingly practical.

At Result, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a commitment. They continuously strive to reduce their environmental footprint and uphold ethical standards, from sourcing materials responsibly to ensuring fair working conditions. Regular audits maintain high standards, reflecting their unwavering commitment to ethical practices.

Your Brand Embodied in Result

Result’s extensive variety in sizes and hues makes it an ideal choice for businesses wanting to customise garments with their company logo. As they cater to a wide array of requirements and tastes, you’re ensured of finding just the right fit for your branding needs. With Result, personalise your workwear and make your brand stand out with stylish, high-quality, functional garments.

To sum it up, Result is a clothing brand that effortlessly combines style, function, and ethics. For those seeking reliability and quality for their personalised workwear needs, Result stands as the brand of choice. Choose Result to experience a brand that upholds quality, celebrates diversity, and embodies ethical and sustainable practices. At Workwear Express, we are thrilled to facilitate your journey with Result, a true standout in the performance wear industry.

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