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Safety Helmets & Safety Helmets With Visors

Safety First with Workwear Express Helmets

At Workwear Express, we understand the importance of top-tier safety gear in every workplace, particularly in industries where physical hazards are prevalent. Among our most critical safety offerings are our work helmets, including hard hats, visor helmets, vented helmets, and construction helmets. Each helmet in our collection adheres to rigorous safety standards, including EN 397, EN 50365, EN 166, and EN 379, offering unrivalled protection and comfort. What’s more, all our helmets can be customised with your company's branding for an extra professional feel.

Hard Hats: Unrivalled Protection

Our hard hats, compliant with the EN 397 safety standard, provide unmatched protection against falling objects, a common risk in industries such as construction, mining, and oil & gas. Designed for comfort and practicality, these hard hats feature adjustable bands to ensure a secure fit and provide optimal protection. Their durable shell material and shock-absorbing design significantly reduce the risk of head injuries.

Visor Helmets: Full Face Safety

Our visor helmets adhere to the EN 166 safety standard, offering both head and face protection. These helmets are ideal for environments with risks of flying debris or chemical splashes, including industries like forestry, metalworking, and chemical handling. The integrated visor provides clear vision and robust face protection without compromising comfort.

Vented Helmets: Cool and Secure

Our vented helmets are designed to keep workers cool and comfortable while meeting the EN 397 safety standard. These helmets are particularly beneficial in hot working conditions or physically demanding roles where heat and sweat can become issues. The strategically placed vents allow for excellent air circulation without compromising the helmet's protective integrity.

Construction Helmets: Building Safety from the Ground Up

Our construction helmets, certified with the EN 50365 standard, are crafted specifically to protect workers from the typical risks found on construction sites, including falls from height, electrical hazards, and impact from falling objects. These helmets combine robust protection with comfort features, such as adjustable straps and padding, for all-day wearability.

Customised Helmets: Safety Meets Branding

Enhance your professional image with Workwear Express's customisation services. All our safety helmets can be embroidered or printed with your company's branding, promoting unity and pride among your workforce while reinforcing your commitment to safety. For superior protection that doesn’t compromise on comfort or style, trust Workwear Express for all your work helmet needs.

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