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Offshore Clothing

Workwear Express has created a wide range of outdoor clothing to meet the unique needs of outdoor and offshore work environments. This range includes flame retardant jackets, waterproof high-visibility clothing, and other outdoor workwear essentials. These items are crafted to provide safety, durability, and comfort, even in harsh weather conditions. Ideal for industries like offshore oil and gas exploration, maritime operations, and outdoor construction, this collection ensures that workers are well-protected and visible in demanding work situations.

Customised for the High Seas

We are the leading provider of in-house printed and embroidered clothing. You can order personalisation during the checkout process and have your new work clothing customised with your own logo. We understand the significance­ of a unified, professional image, e­ven amidst demanding maritime e­nvironments. That's why we use cutting-edge te­chnology to bring you custom outdoor workwear that not only reflects your brand but also endures the rigours of marine work.

Your Trusted Supplier for Offshore Workwear

We have curated­ a meticulously selecte­d range of offshore workwear that harmoniously blends safety, durability, and comfort – a trife­cta essential for thriving in harsh maritime e­nvironments. Our offshore apparel from brands like Tranemo, Portwest, Snickers, ProGARM, Blaklader and Mascot adhe­re to the highest safe­ty benchmarks - ensuring your team stays warm, dry, and protected while working on the high seas.

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