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Maddins Clothing

Maddins: The Ultimate Choice for Colour-Consistent, Durable and Customisable Garments

A Range Born Out of Demand

Here at Workwear Express, we're proud to showcase the illustrious Maddins brand. The inception of this trusted brand was driven by a need for colour-consistent attire that can withstand extensive wear across various settings - from classrooms to offices and leisure activities. Maddins responded to this challenge by developing an unparalleled fabric composition that has since become a favourite among schools, businesses, and organisations across the country. With sizes to suit both children and adults, and an eye-catching palette of up to 16 colours, the Maddins range effortlessly claims the top spot for wearability and appeal.

Versatility and Durability: From Work to Play

Maddins ensures you're equally well-equipped whether you're in a school environment, workplace, or engaging in leisure activities. With a range that's as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing, Maddins garments promise comfort and style in equal measure. Their meticulously crafted products serve as the perfect canvas for embroidery and printing customisation, making them an ideal choice for uniforms, workwear, or casual attire you can wear with pride.

Technological Excellence for Superior Quality

Maddins harnesses the latest technological advancements to guarantee top-notch quality in all their garments. Their innovative Coloursure feature ensures the vibrancy of the clothes persists wash after wash, letting them retain their 'like new' look for an extended period. Meanwhile, their Coolflow technology guarantees optimal comfort throughout the day, helping you stay cool and collected in any situation.

Uniforms That Stand Out

Maddins excels in providing superior quality attire suitable for school uniforms, workwear, and leisure activities. Their uniformity in colour palettes and classic styles make them an ideal choice for schoolwear that can withstand daily wear while keeping the wearer comfortable. These garments are destined to be a hit in classrooms and playgrounds alike. With their suitability for embroidery or printing, Maddins becomes the go-to brand for school uniforms and casual workwear that you can wear with pride.

Your School Logo on Quality Garments

The resilience of Maddins garments in various environments, including school, work, and leisure, makes them perfect for customisation. With our in-house embroidery and printing expertise at Workwear Express, you can effortlessly add your school or company logo to Maddins' products.

Explore the Maddins Range

Take a moment to browse our selection of Maddins products, featuring an array of sweatshirts, shorts, and trousers, all available with customisation options. Experience the combination of quality, comfort, and visual appeal that has made Maddins a trusted name across the UK.

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