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Front Row Clothing

Front Row - Quality Workwear Tailored for the Modern Workforce

Redefining Comfort and Durability: Our Promise

Clothes aren't just fabrics stitched together; they're designed to be lived in, worked in, and worn with pride. This is the philosophy that drives Front Row, and we, at Workwear Express, couldn't agree more. We're thrilled to bring you a brand that stands for longevity and style, perfect for teams, clubs, and workplaces alike. For brands aiming to associate their name with quality and durability, Front Row is an impeccable choice.

Leisure Meets Elegance: Front Row's Brand Ethos

Front Row's clothing line is the epitome of stylish relaxation. Each piece from their collection is meticulously designed to ensure you look impeccable and feel comfortable. Their clothing is not just about donning a fabric; it's about promoting an exciting, new way of experiencing comfort and style.

A Versatile Portfolio: Explore Front Row's Range

With Front Row, each day presents an opportunity to refresh your style, to stand out, and to embrace a new path in your fashion journey. Their extensive range includes but is not limited to suave polo shirts, practical trousers, versatile shorts, snug sweatshirts, and cosy hoodies. To take it a step further, each garment can be personalised to resonate with your brand's identity.

Customisable and Contemporary: Making Workwear Personal

Front Row is designed for the industrious, the carefree, and those with a youthful spirit. The brand caters to those who strike a balance between working hard and living life to the fullest. Each piece from the Front Row & Co.’s collection is a blank canvas, waiting to be adorned with your logo, brand, or image.

Responsible Fashion: Front Row's Sustainable Practices

Front Row doesn’t just produce fashionable workwear; they do it responsibly. All their suppliers are Global Recycled Standard Approved, and they take considerable measures to reduce waste. From using 100% recycled plastic for packaging to ensuring all marketing materials are FSC certified and carbon balanced, Front Row's commitment to the environment is commendable.

Workwear Express is delighted to offer you Front Row's collection of sustainable, stylish, and durable clothing options. Get ready to redefine your workwear with Front Row and let your team bask in the blend of comfort and elegance.

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