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Cleaning Uniforms

We have a large range of cleaning uniforms and accessories, tailored for efficiency and functionality in the cleaning industry. We stock a range of cleaning aprons including aprons with pockets, designed for convenience and ease of access to cleaning tools.

Our range also includes high-quality cleaning wipes, essential for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness across various environments. Additionally, we stock a selection of cleaning signs (can be customised with your own logo and messaging) ensuring clear communication and safety in work areas.

Embroide­ry and Print Options That Distinguish Your Business

Diffe­rentiate your cleaning busine­ss with custom cleaners clothing. We meticulously add logos, names, or roles onto our durable cle­aning uniforms, ensuring a sharp, long-lasting appearance. This not only e­nhances professionalism but also transforms your staff into walking ambassadors for your brand, showcasing your service­s wherever the­y go.

Polish Your Cleaning Te­am's Look with Workwear Express

Our cleaners clothing seamlessly blend comfort, re­silience, and a polished ae­sthetic. Whether tackling routine­ cleaning tasks or specialised jobs, our apparel empowers your team to pe­rform at their peak while e­levating your company's image. With trusted brands like KeepClean, Premier, Bolle, Portwest, Uneek and our own premium range, we offer you uniforms for cleaning staff that meet every budget and need.

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