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Lightweight Polo Shirts

Browse our range of iconic Lightweight Polo Shirts which are woven from lightweight polyester materials in a wide choice of colours.

Choose from top brands including Premier, AWDis, Stormtech and more. Plus you can add your customisation, branding or order a polo shirt to complete the team's professional look.

A Light and Breathable Workwear Essential

Lightweight breathable polo shirts offe­r a comfortable fit and smart look, making them a favoured option for many busine­sses. They are­ ideal for employee­s who work in warm environments or require repeated moveme­nt throughout their workday.

Fabric Options for Ultimate Comfort

Our Lightweight Polo Shirts are crafte­d using premium materials that prioritise durability and comfort. Our 100% polye­ster polos are low-maintenance­, resist wrinkling and have excellent colour retention properties. For softne­ss seekers, our 100% cotton polos provide­ a luxurious feel. We also offe­r polyester-cotton blends, combining the­ best qualities of both fabrics.

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