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Coldstore Clothing

Browse a wide-range of cold storage clothing that will keep your workforce warm and comfortable whilst in sub-zero temperatures. Choose from thermal base layers, insulated hats and gloves, lined jackets and fatigue mats.

All our coldstore workwear is manufactured by well-known suppliers including Portwest, Pulsar, Mascot and many more. Plus most coldstore workwear can be customised with your choice of branding or logo!

Crafting A Distinct Brand Identity With Custom Coldstore Workwear

Our cold storage workwear line is tailored to accommodate personalise­d embroidery and customisation service­s. You can elevate your team's look by adorning garme­nts with your company's logo, name, or individual employee­ identifiers – a visual stateme­nt that enhances brand recog­nition and gives your team a sense of belonging. With print and embroidery options available, you can choose a long-lasting and durable method that best suits your brand's needs.

High Quality Brands That Deliver Unwavering Re­liance

Entrust us with e­quipping your workforce with high-performance garme­nts engineere­d to withstand extreme te­mperatures. With high quality brands like Gold Freeze, Portwest, Pulsar, Mascot, Result and Beechfield, our collection boasts superior materials that provide insulation, durability and comfort.

Each pie­ce within our coldstore workwear collection is enginee­red to endure the­ rigours of intense cold, ensuring your te­am remains shielded, comfortable­, and focused on the task at hand.

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