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Tranemo: Crafting Enduring Workwear for Every Trade

Embodying Functionality and Reliability

Tranemo offers an exceptional range of workwear, precisely tailored to meet the needs of both the industry and craft trade. At Workwear Express, we champion the outstanding design, exceptional fit, and functional detailing of Tranemo’s product range. This is a brand built on dependability and can endure the rigours of even the most demanding tasks.

Ensuring Maximum Protection

Are you seeking protective workwear? Look no further than Tranemo, the undisputed experts in crafting superior safety clothing. Tranemo uses Inherent Flame Retardant fibres exclusively, ensuring that its protective qualities cannot be diminished through wear or washing. They serve the market by providing essential guidance on workplace safety, helping workers protect against various risks such as heat, flame, electric arcs, molten metals, chemicals, and explosion hazards.

Safety transcends the functionality of the clothing itself. Tranemo believes in the importance of a perfect fit; well-fitted protective clothing is more likely to be worn correctly and consistently, thereby maximising safety. Employing Tranemo's Skinsafe™ layer-on-layer system offers heightened protection without compromising on comfort.

Superior Range and Diversity

The extensive range of flame-retardant garments by Tranemo caters to varied work environments, including areas with risk of exposure to Electric Arc, work involving molten metals, the petrochemical sector, and the electric and power industry. Tranemo also meets the needs of workers in ATEX classified environments. Their primary goal is to fulfil as many requirements as possible in a single garment, ensuring both functionality and comfort to maximise worker protection.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Tranemo diligently develops workwear for all occasions, appropriate for industry, warehousing, and a multitude of trades. In the selection of materials, Tranemo does not compromise, always opting for high-quality and maximum durability. This meticulous approach extends the lifespan of the garments and reduces environmental impact. Tranemo also prides itself in using fabrics certified by Oeko-Tex 100 for most of their product range.

For workers needing high visibility at their workplace, Tranemo offers an extensive range of high visibility garments, all certified according to relevant standards. This ensures maximum visibility and safety in your working environment.

Explore the Tranemo Collection

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TriDri™ products are available from some of the best distributors in the fashion, promotion and workwear industry. Our distributors ship worldwide; simply contact us below and we will put you in contact with a distributor that ships to your area

If you are an individual looking to purchase single items for yourself, your company or your club, simply send us your details below and we'll let you know who your nearest stockists are who will be able to supply you with our products blank or decorated to suit your requirements.

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