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Towel City

Towel City: Wrap Your Brand in Luxury and Affordability

The Luxury of Towel City

At Workwear Express, we believe that quality and luxury should not be distant from affordability, especially when it comes to endorsing your brand. Hence, we are proud to present Towel City, a brand synonymous with exceptional quality, opulence, and practicality in the promotional market. Towel City's plush range of towels, robes, and bathwear accessories embody your brand's personality with a level of sophistication that will make a memorable impression.

Add Your Personal Touch with Towel City

Elevate your brand's image and communicate your message effectively with Towel City's array of products, perfectly designed for personalisation. A simple trademark, an intricate logo, a unique design, or a creative motif can be beautifully imprinted on Towel City's products, instantly enhancing their value and making them ambassadors of your brand. Not only do these items amplify your brand's visibility, but they also offer an innovative medium for sending a subtle, yet powerful, message to your audience.

Dive into Towel City's Collection

Towel City has curated a vast selection of products to cater to your diverse needs. Their collection not only combines an extensive palette of vibrant colours but also varies in fabric weights, ensuring the availability of an option that perfectly aligns with your requirements. From their Classic Cotton Towels available in the timeless colours of Navy and White to their luxurious collection that presents a spectrum of 30 captivating colours, Towel City offers an abundance of choice.

Moreover, Towel City's Microfibre Towels are specially designed to be the ideal canvas for sublimation printing, allowing for detailed and vivid designs to come alive. And if you are in the pursuit of absolute indulgence, the Egyptian Towel Collection is the epitome of sumptuousness and comes in three contemporary colours.

Fresh, Vibrant and Certified

Towel City has recently unveiled the most dynamic and colourful collection of towels, robes, and bathwear accessories. The hues are enticing, and the opportunity for branding is exciting. But what really sets Towel City apart is the assurance of safety and quality. All their towels are now Oeko-Tex approved, guaranteeing that they meet the highest international standards for safety in textiles. This means you can be confident that the products from Towel City are not just luxurious to the touch, but also safe for your skin and the environment.

Browse and Customise with Workwear Express

Explore our curated selection of Towel City products, which includes everything from trousers, shorts, and bath towels to robes and other accessories. Several of these items come with the option of personalisation. Incorporate your brand into the luxurious fabric of Towel City's products and make your mark.

When you choose Towel City through Workwear Express, you choose luxury, affordability, and a unique branding opportunity. Add a touch of elegance to your promotional strategy today.

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