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Montane Jackets

Experience the Montane® Difference with Workwear Express

At Workwear Express, we proudly introduce you to Montane®, an emblem of British ingenuity, lightweight innovation, and breathable comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. Montane's offerings promise uncompromising quality and resilience, helping men and women reach new heights, and discover new terrains. Allow us to elaborate on why Montane could be the perfect fit for your outdoor needs.

Endurance and Innovation: Montane's Hallmark

The Montane ethos is grounded in the pursuit of relentless innovation and thoughtful design. With a rich history spanning over a quarter of a century, Montane has been instrumental in providing cutting-edge equipment for pioneering expeditions and iconic endurance events. Each product encapsulates the brand's commitment to propel the boundaries of performance, designed to endure extreme environments and provide the wearer with the confidence to push further and faster.

Breathable Comfort for Extreme Adventures

Montane has become synonymous with developing exceptionally lightweight and breathable clothing and equipment. Whether you are partaking in mountain walking, mountaineering, or simply enjoying outdoor pursuits, Montane's creations are designed to offer unparalleled comfort. By ingeniously blending functionality with comfort, Montane empowers all outdoor enthusiasts to engage with nature in their own way, keeping the spirit of adventure alive.

Commitment to Social Responsibility and Ethical Standards

Montane not only prides itself in the quality of its products but also in the values it upholds. Each factory contract is imbued with Montane's Social and Ethical Policy, ensuring that their values, policies, and standards are steadfastly observed. This commitment to ethically produced products not only translates to superior quality but also gives assurance that your purchase supports responsible practices in the industry.

Personalised Gear for Your Unique Brand

Workwear Express understands the importance of creating a strong brand identity even in the wild. That's why we offer bespoke printing and embroidery services on all Montane products. Personalise your Montane gear with your company logo or slogan, adding that distinctive touch to your outdoor adventures.

Montane's Exceptional Product Range

Among Montane's stand-out products are their meticulously crafted sleeping bags and tents. Embodying the essence of Montane's innovation, these products offer exceptional comfort and reliability, even in the most inhospitable environments. Montane's clothing and equipment range, designed specifically for high-intensity activities in extreme environments, is your key to gaining that performance edge, enabling you to go further and faster.

Choosing Montane through Workwear Express is an investment in high-performance gear designed for the rigours of outdoor exploration. If you're looking to experience the world with the comfort, resilience and innovation of Montane, don't hesitate to explore our range or get in touch with us for more information. Together, we'll help you step into the world of Montane, where adventure awaits.

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