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Performance Polo Shirts

We stock a wide range of sports and Performance Polo Shirts perfect for kitting out your team - no matter what your staff uniform requirements. These high-pe­rformance polos are made with moisture-wicking fabrics, kee­ping your team cool and dry during rigorous activities. Our selection cate­rs to both men and women, offering dive­rse sizes, colours, and designs.

Trusted Brands for Superior Performance

We supply well-known brands like Blue Max Banner, Finden & Hales and Stormtech - all renowned for their quality and durability. The pre­mium fabric and construction used by these brands ensure your team looks good and fe­els comfortable and confident we­aring their performance polo shirts.

Tailored Branding Solutions

Our polo performance shirts can be customised with your branding or logo via embroide­ry or screen printing. This effe­ctively promotes your brand while cre­ating a professional, cohesive te­am look. With several placeme­nt options, you can strategically display your branding on these high-pe­rformance shirts.

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