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JUBA Gloves

Juba: Pioneering Safety Evolution at Workwear Express

Unwavering Dedication to Safety and Quality

At Workwear Express, we proudly partner with brands that embody our unwavering dedication to worker safety, and Juba is a shining example. The concept of Safety Evolution is deeply ingrained within Juba, informing their creation of innovative, high-quality products. With over 70 years of specialisation in work gloves, Juba is committed to not just providing protection, but also to environmental sustainability. When you invest in Juba gloves from Workwear Express, you're investing in the evolution of workplace safety.

Quality That Never Compromises

Juba's quality assurance measures reflect their dedication to excellence. Their in-house quality laboratory performs stringent checks and continuous monitoring to ensure every glove meets the most rigorous quality standards. Through comprehensive staff training and appropriate resource allocation, Juba maintains a seamless operational efficiency. They also collaborate with recognised European bodies like AITEX, LEITAT, CTC, SATRA, INSPEC and CENTEXBEL, reinforcing their commitment to the highest safety standards.

A Glove for Every Workplace Hazard

With an extensive catalogue of over 400 types of work gloves, Juba caters to a plethora of safety needs across diverse industries. Whether it's thermal, mechanical, chemical, electrical risks, or protection against welding sparks or cuts, Juba gloves provide comprehensive protection. Furthermore, their intuitive filter system helps to narrow down the perfect glove choice according to the work environment, regulations, coating material or glove type. It's a testament to Juba's commitment to user-friendly, effective safety solutions.

Variety that Matches Your Safety Requirements

No matter the task at hand or the safety risks involved, Juba's product range is designed to cater to your unique needs.

Personalisation for Enhanced Corporate Identity

Beyond safety, Juba understands the value of corporate identity. Their gloves can be personalised to feature your company's logo, promoting not just worker safety but also brand visibility. Choose from printing or embroidery options for a distinct, professional look that aligns with your brand image. At Workwear Express, we are committed to making your business stand out while keeping your workforce safe.

In a world where workplace safety is paramount, Juba’s meticulous commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your hands are in the best possible care. At Workwear Express, we are proud to facilitate your safety journey by bringing you the trusted protection of Juba gloves.

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