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Spiro Clothing

SPIRO: Elevating Performance Through Superior Active Wear

A Journey Towards Excellence: A Brief History

SPIRO burst onto the scene in 2010, setting a new standard in the sphere of active wear. Created under the umbrella of the renowned brand RESULT Clothing Ltd, SPIRO was designed to satisfy a growing demand for co-ordinated team wear in the fitness, corporate sports, and promotional retail sectors. Informed by a decade of relentless dedication, SPIRO's journey of innovation has brought together advanced, high-performance technical fabrics and fashion-forward designs. Our commitment is to deliver quality styles that stand up to the exacting standards of the active wearer, whether it's during intense workouts, challenging training sessions, or the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Meeting the Rigours of Performance: SPIRO’s Distinguished Fabrics and Design

Our offering blends leading-edge technology with the latest performance fabrics, embodying the essence of innovative design. Each piece in the SPIRO collection is characterised by its remarkable resilience, as well as its ability to jigsaw together to form a colour-coordinated, unisex sports ensemble. SPIRO's distinguished COOL-DRY fabric stands out with its superior quality, acting as a testament to our promise of performance and durability.

Beyond Just Sportswear: SPIRO BIKEWEAR and More

Over the years, SPIRO's product portfolio has expanded to include a dynamic range of BIKEWEAR, facilitating countless garment combinations for our customers. Committed to providing an all-year-round stock availability, we strive to make it straightforward for clubs and teams to maintain a uniform look throughout the seasons.

In 2016, we broadened our horizons even further with the launch of SPIRO Impact, SPIRO Fitness, and SPIRO Compression. These new categories are engineered for optimal fitness performance, meeting the requirements of the contemporary sportsperson while keeping in step with current fashion trends.

Your Vision, Our Execution: Customisable Options

SPIRO's range is created with the wearer and decorator in mind, designed to accommodate the need for easy panel access and enabling each piece to be customised as per your requirements. As proud partners of Workwear Express, we offer an array of clothing - t-shirts, jackets, shorts, trousers, and more - that can be personalised either through bespoke printing or intricate embroidery.

Always Ready, Always Available

Our UK-based stock is primed and ready for immediate dispatch. Leveraging a superior logistics network, we ensure timely delivery through all major and distinguished European distributors. It's one of the many ways we live up to our reputation as the No.1 choice for premium quality sports clothing across Europe.

SPIRO - the pioneers of performance co-ordinated active wear. Trust us to deliver what you expect from the most trusted brand in Europe. Explore our comprehensive range today and experience the difference of active wear that truly performs.

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