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Supertouch Workwear

Supertouch: Redefining Safety with Performance Workwear

Unleashing Supertouch: Your Ultimate Partner in Safety

We, at Workwear Express, are proud to present our collection from Supertouch, a leading authority in wearable safety products. Whether it's medical hygiene, food production, or high-risk construction, manufacturing and engineering fields, Supertouch's sterling selection of safety gear is meticulously designed to ensure maximum protection.

From disposable essentials to hi-vis workwear, protective gloves, sturdy footwear, and comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Supertouch delivers an unbeatable combination of quality, value, and innovation. Their extensive range caters to diverse industrial requirements, proving Supertouch as an unrivalled one-stop-shop solution for wearable safety products.

Safety First with Supertouch

The core of Supertouch's mission is to safeguard your workforce. Their stringent adherence to safety standards and regulatory requirements ensures that when you opt for a Supertouch product, you're choosing top-tier quality and complete peace of mind. Never compromising on safety, every item from Supertouch is carefully crafted to withstand demanding applications and environments.

Committed Client Support: Supertouch's Distinctive Approach

Supertouch goes beyond just providing safety equipment. Their proactive client support begins from the very first interaction, guided by a consultative approach aimed at offering cost-effective safety solutions tailored to your business needs. With a dedicated client team professionally trained in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) qualifications, Supertouch offers comprehensive site surveys to understand your specific requirements better.

Moreover, Supertouch firmly believes in the power of education. They strongly advocate for continuous end-user training, ensuring maximum PPE compliance, and fostering safer working environments.

Versatile Applications Across Industries

Supertouch's offering extends to a wide range of industries, supplying premium protective work clothing and gloves suitable for a diverse array of applications. Each product is crafted with acute attention to detail, providing you with protective workwear that does not compromise on comfort or functionality.

Personalise Your Supertouch Collection

Explore our variety of Supertouch products, which includes rugged footwear, hi-vis jackets, vests, durable trousers, overalls, and more. To further enhance your workforce's unified look, we offer customisable options. You can personalise your selection with our high-quality printing or intricate embroidery services, perfect for branding purposes.

Step into the world of Supertouch with Workwear Express. Where innovation meets safety, Supertouch redefines protective workwear standards, offering you the quality assurance and safety solutions your business needs. Choose Supertouch and let us empower your workforce with unparalleled protection.

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