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GVS: A Global Vanguard in Filtration Solutions

GVS: A Rich Legacy of Quality, Innovation, and Protection

From modest beginnings in Italy in 1979 to becoming a global giant in filtration solutions, GVS is a name synonymous with unrivalled quality and safety. The company's impressive output of over 2.6 billion products in 2020 testifies to its dedication and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality filtration solutions. Spanning over 40 years of industry-leading operations, GVS has transitioned from a component supplier to a world-renowned group delivering technologically advanced filtration solutions across the Healthcare & Life Sciences, Energy & Mobility, and Health & Safety sectors.

Devotion to Development: Fuelled by Research and Innovation

At the heart of GVS's success lies a steadfast dedication to research, innovation, and the development of both its products and processes. With nine manufacturing plants holding all necessary production certifications for the Health & Safety sector, GVS products proudly bear international accreditations, including CE and NIOSH certifications. In the Healthcare & Life Sciences realm, GVS's commitment to rigorous standards is reflected in their ISO 13485 certifications and compliance with the European Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice.

Superior Respiratory Protection: GVS Filter Technology

Regarded as a global leader in producing filters for respiratory protection devices, GVS continues to break barriers in creating 100% safe products. Their filters extend beyond the remit of protection and resistance, incorporating innovative designs that maximise worker comfort. Moreover, GVS exhibits a caring approach towards individuals with allergies by meticulously crafting products from hypoallergenic materials.

Unmatched Versatility: For Diverse Industries and Applications

GVS filters are not limited to a single sector or use. They effortlessly fit into a multitude of applications across Healthcare & Life Sciences, Health & Safety, and Energy & Mobility sectors.

GVS Masks: The Epitome of Comfort and Safety

The GVS mask range, known for its compact design, offers a snug yet comfortable fit on the face. The ingenious air recirculation valve minimises breathing resistance and moisture build-up, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. Crafted from latex and silicone-free materials, these hypoallergenic masks are odourless and possess medical-grade quality. True to the GVS ethos of innovation, these filters adopt a plastic-free approach, further testament to the brand's commitment to safety and sustainability.

Bespoke Selection: GVS's Speciality Masks

GVS also offers a selection of specialist mask models to cater to specific needs, including masks with combined filters for protection against gases, vapours, and dust. Masks featuring a rubber band holder prevent slippage, while those with integrated protection offer full-face coverage, providing a comprehensive shield against various hazards.

Personalised PPE: Your Safety, Your Brand

At Workwear Express, we're honoured to bring you GVS's exceptional range of PPE products. Adding to the value, we offer the option of personalising your PPE with your company's branding or unique embroidery, allowing your safety gear to serve as a reflection of your brand identity.

GVS is more than a manufacturer; it's a beacon of innovation and quality, setting new standards for filtration solutions worldwide. As proud purveyors of GVS products, Workwear Express invites you to browse our extensive range of respirators and filters, where safety, comfort, and your brand blend seamlessly. Trust GVS, trust Workwear Express - because your safety is our priority.

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