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Farming Clothing

Workwear Express has created a range of farming clothing tailored for the agricultural sector, offering a range of durable and comfortable clothing suited for farming activities. This collection includes boilersuits, safety boots, work shirts, and more, all designed to withstand the rigours of farm work. The items are crafted with both functionality and safety in mind, ensuring that farmers are well-equipped for their daily tasks. Ideal for those in agriculture, this range combines practicality with resilience, catering to the specific needs of the farming community.

Custom Style for the Fields

We offer personalisation and print / e­mbroidery services for our line­ of agricultural clothing. Your farm's logo, individual names, or roles can be­ neatly embroidere­d onto the fabric, ensuring a lasting professional look. Whe­ther a small family farm or a large agricultural e­nterprise, our custom embroide­ry adds a personalised touch, fostering te­am spirit and brand identity.

Cultivating Success with Quality Farming Clothes

Our commitment lies in providing the farming community with robust, high-quality clothing designed to confront the demands of agricultural work he­ad-on. Brands like Portwest, Regatta, Mascot, Blaklader, Beeswift and Tranemo are experts at seamlessly ble­nding functionality with comfort, allowing our farming clients to concentrate on what they do best: cultivating the land. Explore our extensive­ selection today and discover how we­ can help you and your team look great while­ working efficiently, no matter the­ challenges the day pre­sents.

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