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ProGARM Clothing

ProGARM: Your Unrivalled Partner in Arc Flash Protection and Flame Resistant Clothing

At Workwear Express, we're committed to championing safety in every workplace. We're proud to partner with ProGARM, the industry expert in Arc Flash protective clothing and flame-resistant workwear, to offer you the best combination of protection, comfort, value for money, and constant innovation.

Superior Arc Flash Protection: ProGARM's Distinctive Edge

When it comes to ensuring safety in the face of electrical shocks, ProGARM is a name you can trust. Their garments are specifically designed with materials that resist electricity, featuring flame-resistant insulation to further fortify safety. Notably, ProGARM's garments have demonstrated a 70% longer lifespan compared to alternatives, underlining their exceptional durability.

ProGARM is your specialist for Arc Flash protection, unyielding in its commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards. If it doesn't bear the ProGARM label, it's not of ProGARM's guaranteed quality.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

A variety of sectors are exposed to the risk of electrical shocks, including utilities, power generation, industrial electrical, petrochemical, and rail. Each of these industries requires a dedicated approach to safety wear.


In an industry where severe and life-altering injuries are a constant risk, we understand the importance of exceptional quality Arc Flash and flame-resistant clothing. ProGARM meets this crucial need, delivering protection that can be relied on.

Power Generation

ProGARM goes above and beyond to protect every worker in the power generation sector from common hazards like Arc Flash incidents. Their Arc Flash clothing and VXS+ safety clothing offer essential layers of protection, shielding your workforce from potential harm.

Industrial Electrical

With the ever-present danger of Arc Flash incidents leading to injuries or fatalities, equipping your workforce with ProGARM's Arc Flash and flame-resistant garments is critical. These garments act as a protective shield, offering additional security and peace of mind.


Given the hazardous conditions in the petrochemical industry, providing your workforce with safety clothing enriched with flame-resistant technology becomes paramount. ProGARM's exceptional quality safety clothing offers this inherent protection, assuring you of continued safety even with regular washing.


With the specific challenges and standards of the rail industry, including the RIS-3279-TOM rail industry standard, ProGARM provides high-visibility safety clothing that promises maximum protection from potential Arc Flash incidents.

At Workwear Express, we understand the importance of trusting in a specialist when lives are at stake. With ProGARM, we bring you a partner that is unwavering in its pursuit of safety and innovation. Let's make your workplace a safer space with ProGARM. Explore the collection today.

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