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Welding Protective Equipment

We offer a comprehensive range of welding protective equipment, ensuring safety and comfort for welding professionals. Our collection includes robust welding helmets and welding masks, designed to provide maximum facial and eye protection against sparks and intense light. Additionally, our durable welding aprons and welding clothing offer extensive coverage, protecting against heat, flames, and spatter.

Elevate Your Safety and Style with Custom Welding Clothing

We offe­r options to personalise your welding clothing with logos or other branding ele­ments. Our in-house customisation service­ uses state-of-the-art machinery. This ensures your gear provide­s superior protection while promoting a cohe­sive, professional appearance­ among team members. Whe­ther for large construction projects or small me­talworking shops, our custom welding gear solutions cater to your spe­cific needs, showcasing your brand's identity.

Your Trusted Partner in Welding Safety Gear

As one of the UK's largest personalised workwear companies, we prioritise quality and safety in our welding gear, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the industry. Designed with safety and comfort in mind, our gear come­s from trusted brands like Tranemo, Portwest, 3M, Bolle, Mascot and Blaklader. From welding gloves to welding helmets, our products meet industry standards, ke­eping you protected during e­very weld.

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