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Personalised & Customised Dennys

Workwear Express Features: Dennys London - The Epitome of Time-Tested Hospitality Garments

Dennys: A Proud Heritage and Timeless Quality

It's a tremendous pleasure for Workwear Express to present Dennys London, a brand that brings over 175 years of seasoned expertise to the hospitality industry. Embedded in the heart of Soho, the Dennys lineage has been a steadfast presence for centuries, their dedication to craftsmanship evident since 1766, when Peter Denny, a carpenter, was hired to refurbish the Parish Workhouse. Since its inception from a humble shop on Old Compton Street in 1893, Dennys has burgeoned into a worldwide phenomenon, with a robust distribution network across the globe and a comprehensive warehouse near the M25 motorway.

Diverse and Practical Range of Garments: Made to Impress and Last

Dennys London is a diverse treasure trove of hospitality clothing, boasting an impressive assortment of front-of-house and back-of-house apparel. Their catalogue spans over 80 styles of aprons, functional and stylish chef's jackets, trousers, headwear, and indispensable accessories, all designed with the demands of the kitchen and service in mind. Their beauty and spa collection offers elegant and vibrantly coloured tunics alongside sophisticated black trousers, catering to every price range with meticulous care for quality and durability.

Customisation and Personalisation: Clothing that Speaks Your Brand

Workwear Express, in partnership with Dennys, takes the functionality of their clothing a step further by offering customisation services. Whether it's an embroidered Dennys chef's jacket, a bib apron, tabard, or cross-back apron personalised with your brand, our embroidery and tax tabbing services can enhance your hospitality uniforms' professional appeal. Our personalised Dennys products are a hallmark of quality hospitality clothing that harmonises your staff's look with your establishment's atmosphere, making a profound impression on your clientele.

Innovation and Comfort: Designed with Professionals in Mind

Dennys places a strong emphasis on selecting innovative designs and superior materials that resonate with each profession's unique demands. For instance, their chef's jackets feature the ingenious StayCool system to facilitate enhanced body air circulation, reducing the risk of overheating in the bustling kitchen environment. Similarly, their beauty & spa range, including breathable and comfortable tunics, ensure your spa or salon team can perform their tasks efficiently while looking their best.

Sustainability: Integral to Dennys' Ethos

Dennys takes their responsibility towards the planet seriously, collaborating with trusted manufacturers to ensure sustainable practices. Their efforts extend to sourcing eco-friendly and recycled fabrics, reducing waste and contributing towards a greener future for our planet. Sustainability is not an afterthought for Dennys; it is at the heart of everything they do.

One Brand, Multiple Avatars: The Dennys Brands Family

Dennys Brands is a harmonious family of six distinct brands, each offering unique hospitality clothing solutions. Dennys London, Le Chef, Comfort Grip, AFD, Joseph Alan, and Soho Knives together create a diversified portfolio, all backed by the same trusted quality and over 175 years of experience serving the industry.

Workwear Express is proud to supply Dennys' uniforms worldwide, echoing their commitment to providing the finest range of garments expertly designed and crafted. As you browse through our Dennys collection, know that you are choosing a brand that has stood the test of time, balancing tradition and innovation to deliver exceptional apparel for your business.

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