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Embroidered Lightweight Jackets

Explore our collection of thin and Lightweight Jackets. Perfect for those in-between seasonal moments. Browse trendy, casual, and smart lightweight coats from Result, 2786, Stormtech, Stanley/Stella and more.

Stay comfortable in any work climate

Our lightweight jackets are designed to keep you warm but won't weigh you down – ideal for outdoor workers and those who need to travel light. From early spring rain showers to autumnal chills, our range of lightweight jackets will help you stay comfortable and dry whatever the climate. From hoodie jackets to jackets with zip pockets and reflective tapes, you'll find the best lightweight work jacket for every environment.

Perfect for Layering and Versatility

Our selection of thin jackets are­n't just for unpredictable weathe­r - they're perfe­ct for layering. Workers can easily adjust their comfort by adding or removing layers without bulky oute­rwear. This makes lightweight jacke­ts versatile for various work environme­nts and activities. Whether in construction, hospitality or anothe­r industry, these are perfect to effectively balance comfort and functionality.

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