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Personalised & Customised Fire Resistant & Flame Retardant Workwear

Workwear Express: Your Ultimate Destination for Flame Retardant Workwear

Welcome to Workwear Express, your trusted partner for high-quality, professional-grade workwear. Among our extensive range of products, our flame retardant work clothing is specially designed to provide superior protection without compromising on comfort or style. Our inventory includes flame retardant overalls, jackets, thermals, and polo shirts from leading brands like Portwest, Dickies, and Click ARC, ensuring quality and reliability in every garment.

Flame Retardant Overalls: Comprehensive Protection

Our flame retardant overalls are the epitome of safety and functionality. Crafted from advanced flame-resistant materials, these overalls are ideal for industries such as welding, petrochemicals, and fire rescue, where fire hazards are prevalent. Not only do they provide comprehensive protection against fire, but they also offer utility features like multiple pockets and adjustable fittings for enhanced convenience.

Flame Retardant Jackets: Secure and Stylish Workwear

For those cold, harsh work environments, our flame retardant jackets offer the perfect blend of warmth and fire protection. These jackets, available in several designs and styles, provide excellent insulation while ensuring safety against fire hazards. They are ideal for outdoor workers in industries like construction and oil and gas, who need to safeguard themselves against both the elements and potential fire hazards.

Flame Retardant Thermals and Polo Shirts: Comfort Meets Safety

Our flame retardant thermals and polo shirts are specially designed for those who require both comfort and fire safety in their work attire. These garments offer excellent flame-resistant properties while ensuring breathability and comfort, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor working environments. They are perfect for electricians, mechanics, and workers in the oil and gas industry.

Personalised Flame Retardant Workwear for Enhanced Professionalism

In the B2B industry, professional image matters. At Workwear Express, we offer embroidery and printing services, allowing you to personalise your flame retardant workwear with your company's logo or branding. This enhances the professional appearance of your team and promotes brand consistency.

Workwear Express: Ensuring Your Safety and Comfort

At Workwear Express, we go beyond providing workwear. We provide peace of mind. Our flame retardant clothing line offers superior protection, comfort, and style to workers in various industries. Trust us for your workwear needs, and experience the Workwear Express difference in quality, reliability, and service.

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Flame Retardant High-Visibility Clothing: Enhanced Safety for a Range of Professions

Professions and Trades Who Would Benefit:

Oil & Gas Industry Workers: In environments where flammable gases or vapours are present, flame retardant high-vis clothing is essential.

Electrical Workers: Especially useful for those working in close proximity to live electrical systems.

Welders & Metalworkers: High-visibility, flame-retardant garments protect against sparks and hot metal splatter.

Firefighters: In addition to their regular gear, flame-retardant high-vis clothing can be beneficial during rescue operations that don't involve active firefighting.

Chemical Plant Workers: Handling volatile substances makes this dual-protection workwear a must.

Railway Maintenance Workers: Exposed to both the risk of high-speed trains and sometimes electrical equipment, this clothing serves a dual purpose.

Construction Workers: Particularly those involved in jobs that pose a risk of fire or explosions.

Airport Ground Staff: With exposure to both aircraft and fuel, flame-retardant high-vis clothing is a wise choice.

Marine Workers: Working on ships or offshore rigs where fire safety is a concern.

Foundry Workers: Exposure to extreme heat and molten materials makes this clothing essential.

Key Features:
Multi-Hazard Protection: Provides both visibility and flame resistance, catering to multiple safety requirements.

Durability: Designed to withstand the rigours of demanding work environments while retaining flame-retardant properties.

Comfort: Garments are tailored to be comfortable, allowing ease of movement while maintaining safety features.

Compliance: Meets the stringent industry standards for both flame resistance and high-visibility.

Customisation: Branding and logo options are available for companies that wish to add a personal touch.

Selecting flame-retardant high-visibility clothing from trusted brands ensures that workers are adequately protected from the multiple risks they may be exposed to. Workwear Express aims to offer a wide variety to suit different needs and specifications.