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Fort Workwear - Combining Durability, Comfort and Style in Workwear

The Fabric of Fort: Excellence in Workwear

Workwear Express is proud to introduce the celebrated Fort Workwear range. Fort is synonymous with top-tier workwear, showcasing an extensive collection that exudes both style and comfort, and is engineered to endure. From robust jackets, trousers, and footwear to versatile shirts, overalls, and sweatshirts, each piece is meticulously designed with durability at its core.

Fort Workwear: The Mark of Personalisation

Fort's offering goes beyond just quality and design. With the opportunity for custom logo embroidery and printing, you can transform our garments into a statement of your identity. Make each piece of workwear uniquely your own, mirroring your style, ethos and branding. With Fort, your work clothing becomes more than just apparel, it evolves into a walking testament of your business.

Unrivalled Quality, Unparalleled Value: The Fort Guarantee

Engineered to work as hard as you do, Fort Workwear is the epitome of quality and durability. Carefully crafted by Castle Clothing, each garment and safety shoe in the range is designed with three key factors in mind - quality, durability, and exceptional value for money. With Fort, you are investing not just in workwear, but a promise of unwavering reliability and affordability.

The Evolution of Excellence: From Blue Castle and Fortress to Fort

Castle Clothing, a prominent British clothing and footwear company established in 1972, is the proud parent of the Fort brand. Known for manufacturing and distributing workwear brands such as TuffStuff and Fort, Castle Clothing has been a trusted name for tradesmen and workers of all kinds. Today, Fort Workwear stands as the evolution of the Blue Castle and Fortress brands, carrying forward a legacy of unparalleled quality and enduring style.

Fort Workwear: The Choice of Professionals

Choosing Fort Workwear from Workwear Express means choosing work apparel that seamlessly combines form and function. Whether you're a tradesman working in demanding environments or an employee looking for comfortable, durable work clothing, Fort Workwear offers an extensive range that delivers on all fronts. With the added benefit of personalisation, Fort allows you to showcase your brand identity, making each garment uniquely your own.

Invest in Fort Workwear, and experience the union of durability, comfort, and personalised style, all under one brand. Welcome to Fort - the epitome of excellence in workwear.

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