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Work Fleeces & Fleece Jackets

Workwear Express: Your One-Stop Shop for Exceptional Work Fleeces and Fleece Jackets

At Workwear Express, we understand the importance of comfort, warmth, and durability in your work attire. This understanding is reflected in our extensive collection of work fleeces and fleece jackets. Our range includes 1/4 zip work fleeces, full zip work fleeces, heavyweight work fleeces, and hooded work fleeces. Each design offers unique advantages, catering to a multitude of industries and working conditions.

1/4 Zip Work Fleeces: Versatility and Comfort

Our 1/4 zip work fleeces offer a great balance between warmth, comfort, and convenience. Easy to slip on and off, these fleeces are perfect for layering, making them ideal for industries that experience varying temperatures throughout the day, such as construction and logistics.

Full Zip Work Fleeces: Unmatched Accessibility

For workers requiring quick and convenient garment changes, our full zip work fleeces are the perfect choice. These fleeces provide full-body warmth and can easily be worn over other work clothes. They are ideally suited for outdoor workers in industries like landscaping and construction, especially during the colder months.

Heavyweight Work Fleeces: Robust Warmth for the Toughest Conditions

For those working in extreme cold conditions, our heavyweight work fleeces offer unparalleled warmth and durability. These robust garments resist harsh weather, making them an excellent choice for industries such as forestry, fishing, and winter outdoor events.

Hooded Work Fleeces: Extra Protection When You Need It

Our hooded work fleeces add an extra layer of protection against cold and windy conditions. The built-in hood can be quickly deployed to protect the head and ears, making these fleeces ideal for outdoor work in unpredictable weather.

Personalised Fleece Workwear: Enhance Your Professional Image

At Workwear Express, we offer more than just quality workwear—we offer the opportunity to boost your professional image. Our embroidery and printing services enable you to personalise your work fleeces with your company’s branding. This can enhance team unity, increase brand visibility, and give your team an overall more professional appearance.

Workwear Express: Quality, Comfort, and Durability

Whatever your work fleece needs may be, Workwear Express has you covered. Our high-quality work fleeces offer the warmth, comfort, and durability you need to perform at your best, no matter your industry or working conditions. Trust in Workwear Express for all your workwear needs.

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