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Globus Gloves

Pioneers of PPE Craftsmanship for Over 25 Years

A Remarkable Journey Rooted in Protection and Innovation

Celebrating a sterling legacy spanning over a quarter of a century, the Globus Group stands unrivalled as the UK's premier PPE manufacturer. They are a vanguard in Europe's protective technology solutions, known far and wide for their resolute commitment to creating world-class, innovative products that shield and safeguard lives. From their humble beginnings to their laudable role at the forefront of pandemic response, the Globus Group has consistently risen above challenges, demonstrating unyielding resilience and sustainability at every turn.

Quality Craftsmanship: Spearheading the Evolution of PPE Solutions

Driven by a passion for constant innovation and excellence, Globus Group is committed to developing exceptional European-made PPE products that set the industry benchmark. As a leading force in the marketplace, they cater to a diverse range of clientele - from distributors to healthcare providers and industrial sectors worldwide. With a keen focus on propelling manufacturing advancements, the Globus Group boasts an impressive catalogue of new product developments (NPD) that redefine safety solutions.

People-Centred Ethos: Uniting Safety and Performance

At the heart of Globus Group's ethos lies a profound respect and care for people - their health, their safety, and their performance. The company’s products are more than just items; they are life-saving tools integral to their customers' daily operations, empowering them to carry out their duties securely and efficiently. Embracing the cutting edge of technology and innovation, Globus Group delivers safety solutions that seamlessly combine user protection with optimal performance.

Exemplary Hand Protection: Where Technological Ingenuity Meets Safety

A flagship offering from Globus Group, their hand protection portfolio, is the embodiment of technological sophistication and advanced protection. These gloves, crafted meticulously with precision, provide comprehensive safety without compromising dexterity or comfort. They are heralded as some of the most advanced protective gloves in the industry, testament to Globus Group's ceaseless pursuit of safety and innovation.

Tailored Experience: Personalised PPE for Your Unique Needs

At Workwear Express, we're proud to provide Globus Group's outstanding PPE products. As an added benefit, we offer a personalised touch to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s integrating your company's branding or unique embroidery, we provide an array of customisation options to ensure that your PPE not only keeps your team safe but also represents your brand's identity. By choosing Globus Group products from Workwear Express, you choose unparalleled safety, quality craftsmanship, and the power of personalisation.

To sum it up, when it comes to world-class safety solutions, the Globus Group consistently delivers. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, a people-centric ethos, and an impressive hand protection range, it's clear why this UK-based PPE manufacturer has led the way for over 25 years. As a proud retailer of Globus Group products, Workwear Express stands ready to meet all your PPE needs with a touch of personalisation, making safety both a priority and a statement.

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