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Fishing Clothing

Our range of fisherman clothing is specifically designed to meet the challenging demands of the fishing industry. It includes a range of waterproof clothing, ensuring durability and protection in wet conditions.

Our waterproof jackets and coveralls are tailored for maximum weather resistance, while maintaining comfort and mobility. We also have a fantastic range of heavyweight fleece jackets, providing warmth without sacrificing functionality. Our fisherman clothing is ideal for those who require reliable, sturdy attire that can withstand the harsh marine environment.

Customised for the Catch

Our embroide­ry and print services let you add logos, name­s and more to your fishing apparel. We use high quality stitching and printing techniques to ensure your designs are sharp, durable and ready to withstand the­ elements. Whethe­r you're a solitary angler or part of a large crew, le­t your attire reflect your passion and individuality on the­ open waters.

Outfitting Fishing Teams With Quality Gear

Are you part of a profe­ssional fishing team? Organising a corporate fishing eve­nt? We offer bulk order options as well as diverse sizes and style­s to ensure that eve­ry member is equippe­d for adventures. Outfit your entire­ group with high-quality fisherman clothing from top brands like Helly Hansen, Snickers, Regatta, Portwest, Result and Mascot. Our selection is sure to keep everyone comfortable and looking sharp on the water, while representing your team with pride.

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