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Pulsar ARC

Workwear Express presents the Pulsar ARC & FR Protal Range – A New Era in Flame-Retardant Workwear. This range is more than just protective clothing; it's a groundbreaking advancement in safety technology, specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of hazardous work environments. The Protal range, including Protal 1, Protal 3, and Protal 5, is engineered with a high-performance Protex fibre blend, ensuring unparalleled consistency in compliance and safety.

Protal’s innovative fabric technology combines the unique and patented blends of Protex fibre, FR viscose, and other technical fibres, particularly in Protal 3 & 5. This results in an inherently flame-retardant fabric that doesn't compromise on strength, durability, lightness, flexibility, or breathability. The balance of these qualities ensures not only the wearer's protection but also their comfort during long, strenuous hours.

Our Electric ARC clothing, part of the Pulsar ARC & FR Protal range, adheres to even more stringent criteria than generic FR certified garments. These garments undergo rigorous testing to ensure that both the fabric and the complete garment meet the highest standards of safety, qualifying them as category III products. They are essential in life-threatening work environments where every safety measure must be meticulously accounted for.

Choose the Pulsar ARC & FR Protal Range from Workwear Express for an unmatched level of protection in flame-retardant workwear. This range is a testament to our commitment to providing workwear that not only meets but exceeds safety standards. It's an investment in safety, crafted for those who work in the most challenging conditions and require the best protection available.

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