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Pulsar Thermals

Embrace Winter Workdays with Versatility - Pulsar Thermals at Workwear Express. Our comprehensive Pulsar Thermal Collection, encompassing the Blizzard, Standard, and ARC ranges, offers specialized solutions for every cold-weather work requirement.

Pulsar Blizzard Thermals: The epitome of cutting-edge thermal technology, the Blizzard range is designed for the harshest winter conditions. These high-performance thermal undergarments provide exceptional warmth and comfort, thanks to their advanced insulation and breathable fabrics. Ideal for outdoor work or in extremely cold environments, the Blizzard line ensures you stay warm, dry, and focused.

Pulsar Standard Thermals: For general cold-weather work conditions, the Standard range offers reliable warmth and comfort. These thermals strike the perfect balance between heat retention and flexibility, making them suitable for a variety of winter work scenarios. They are designed to keep you comfortably warm without restricting movement, ensuring efficiency and comfort throughout the workday.

Pulsar ARC Thermals: Specifically tailored for electrical work environments, the ARC Thermal range provides not only warmth but also safety in ARC risk situations. These thermals are constructed with flame-retardant materials, offering an additional layer of protection while maintaining the necessary comfort and warmth in cold conditions.

Choose the right Pulsar Thermal from Workwear Express for your specific work needs. Whether you need advanced protection against extreme cold, a reliable standard option for everyday warmth, or specialized ARC-resistant thermals, our Pulsar range has you covered. Each category in the Pulsar Thermals Collection is designed with a focus on warmth, comfort, and safety, ensuring that you’re well-equipped.

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