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A vast range of protective footwear designed to keep you safe on site whilst providing ultimate comfort throughout the working day. Find the safety footwear to meet your requirements from choice of EN ratings, rigorously tested to achieve the set industry standards

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Ensure the shoes you choose for work suit the environment, the tasks, and the types of potential contaminants. Some jobs may require a few different types of shoes. Remember that the main purpose of the shoes is protect the feet. In addition many shoes now have additional properties, such as waterproof, non-slip, antistatic and many more. Many styles have different safety certifications and are fit for different purposes. While choosing your shoes, remember that you will be wearing them for 8-10 hours a day, some days even longer. So you must have comfortable shoes which are fit for the industry. Choose from a range of shoe styles that we provide and we are confident that you will find a comfortable pair fit for your industry.