Waterproof Jackets

Buying a new waterproof jacket can be a difficult task, with so many different brands, fabrics and features available. Choosing a waterproof coat that will be suited to your level of activity is of the utmost importance. In our range of waterproof coats, we have a jacket to suit every activity that you will be involved. 


Displaying 33 - 64 of 219 products

Displaying 33 - 64 of 219 products

Our waterproof range includes jackets with different coatings and waterproof membranes that can keep you dry during a light shower or even the heaviest storm. The range of waterproof coats that we stock is fully adjustable to suit any of your activities. Many jackets are fully water-resistant and have many pockets, so you can keep your belongings close to you and dry at all times.

With the technological advancement in waterproof fabrics, waterproof jackets now will not only keep you dry but also the fabric is breathable, so you will not sweat while wearing it. Breathable jackets have underarm ventilation to allow extra air movement, and taped seams ensure that you have a 100% waterproof jacket. Many of our waterproof coats are made eco-friendly way, so you can be assured that you are helping the environment while staying dry when heavens open.