Age UK - Case Study

The Introduction

Age UK is a charity dedicated to helping everyone make the most of their later life and it is the largest of its kind in the country. With an ageing population in the UK, the great work that Age UK do is now arguably more important than ever. Age UK stand up for and give a voice to the over 60s across the country by providing support and services that inspire, enable and support the older generation.

The Requirements

With 150 Age UK hubs around the UK, as well as a network of around 450 charity shops, it’s safe to say that Age UK depends on the hard work and kindheartedness of the 75,000 volunteers who give up their own time for this fantastic charity. In 2011, we were approached by Age UK as they wanted to supply their amazing volunteers with a smart and professional uniform. We were more than happy to help such a great charity. We assisted Age UK when they were deciding on the best garments to select for their uniforms and we eventually came to the conclusion that fleece jackets and polo shirts would be a smart and professional looking option whilst keep staff comfortable.

The End Product

All of the garments were embroidered with the Age UK logo and the location of the different stores where the uniforms were being distributed. We were delighted to hear positive feedback from Age UK and we are proud to say that they have been using Workwear Express ever since. The orders have been pretty consistent in that time, with fleece jackets and polo shirts in colours blue and purple being the most popular request from Age UK, complete with the unmistakable Age UK logo embroidered onto every order.