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Unleashing the Power of Marine Apparel

Discover Gill: The Pioneers of Marine Apparel

Workwear Express is proud to bring you the exceptional range of Gill marine apparel. Founded in 1975, Gill has established itself as the leading brand in marine clothing, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Gill's journey began with a mission to create waterproof and breathable fabrics capable of withstanding the harshest conditions at sea. Today, Gill continues to set the industry standard, providing sailors and water enthusiasts with the ultimate protection and comfort.

Unrestricted Innovation: Empowering Performance

At Gill, we believe in pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. That's why we have chosen not to partner with branded fabric suppliers, allowing us the freedom to innovate without restriction. By widening our supply chain, we can carefully select and develop fabrics that consistently outperform the competition. Each fabric undergoes rigorous comparative testing against branded alternatives, ensuring that only the best materials make it into our garments.

Unlocking the Power of Fabric Technology

Gill's fabric hierarchy simplifies the selection process, helping you identify the right garment for your needs. Our XPLORE® two-layer fabric offers waterproof, breathable, and durable performance, prioritizing weight and breathability for a wide range of conditions. For those requiring enhanced waterproof protection and durability, our XPLORE+® three-layer fabric combines lightweight mesh with guaranteed performance in wet conditions.

Proven Performance: Tested for Excellence

At Gill, we understand the importance of delivering products that exceed expectations. That's why each of our garments undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our stringent performance standards. Our three categories of Waterproofness, Breathability, and Durability provide a comprehensive rating system, guiding you to the right product for your specific activity.

Waterproofness: Beyond Industry Standards

We take waterproof performance to new heights. While the industry standard requires a minimum Hydrostatic Head of 1,500mm HH, our garments are rated from 5,000mm HH to 20,000+mm HH, providing unparalleled protection against the harshest conditions. Through meticulous spray testing, we ensure that the durable water repellent (DWR) finish on our fabrics keeps water at bay, ensuring your comfort and dryness.

Breathability: Empowering Active Performance

Allowing perspiration to escape is just as crucial as keeping water out, especially during active use. At Gill, we employ two test methods to measure the breathability of our fabrics, optimizing moisture transportation away from the skin's surface. For maximum performance, we recommend using base and mid-layers that enhance this moisture management process, providing you with unrivaled comfort throughout your activities.

Durability: Built to Endure

We understand the demanding nature of marine environments. That's why we go above and beyond industry standards when testing the abrasion resistance of our fabrics. Our garments are subjected to rigorous testing, simulating the harsh surfaces and corrosive effects of saltwater. From worsted cloth to 320 grit paper, we ensure our products stand up to the toughest conditions, providing you with durable performance and peace of mind.

Unleash Your Potential with Gill

Workwear Express invites you to explore the extensive range of Gill marine apparel. From jackets and bags to polo shirts and trousers, each product embodies the perfect balance of performance and protection. Personalize your Gill garments with our custom branding options, allowing you to showcase your unique style while benefiting from Gill's exceptional quality and design.

Experience the power of Gill and set sail with confidence. Trust in a brand that is driven by innovation, fueled by passion, and committed to delivering the highest standards of performance. Choose Gill for unrivaled marine apparel that empowers you to conquer the elements and embrace your nautical adventures with unwavering confidence.

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