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TraffiGlove Gloves

Traffiglove: Leading Hand Protection Specialist and Sustainability Advocate

The Excellence of Traffiglove

When it comes to specialised hand protection, Traffiglove stands unmatched. Workwear Express is proud to bring you products from this industry-leading provider of cut-resistant work gloves. As an established market leader, Traffiglove continuously pioneers in delivering top-notch safety gloves that not only ensure maximum protection but also promote sustainability.

Innovating for Your Safety and Our Planet

As the original pioneers of the three-colour TraffiSystem, Traffiglove continues to lead the field through its devotion to delivering 'Best in Class' products. Their customer-centric approach and innovative solutions significantly reduce hand injuries in the workplace. Moreover, Traffiglove’s commitment to preserving our environment sets them apart from their competitors. Their journey towards sustainability is continually progressing, with more exciting steps to be unveiled in the forthcoming year.

Traffiglove's mission transcends manufacturing superior quality gloves; they are determined to partner with their clients in achieving corporate sustainability goals. They share best practices and provide tangible evidence of their sustainability initiatives, showing their commitment to reducing costs, waste, and carbon emissions.

Dependable Hand Protection Expertise

Choosing the correct hand protection shouldn't be a taxing process. When you rely on Traffiglove, you're entrusting industry experts known for their dedication to reducing hand injuries and promoting wearer engagement. Traffiglove isn't just about products – it's about providing a comprehensive solution for hand safety.

Trusted Safety Compliance

Traffiglove’s affiliations provide an extra layer of trust. As an affiliate of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) and its prestigious Registered Safety Supplier Scheme (RSSS), Traffiglove assures full compliance with relevant legislation and standards. They are committed to maintaining updated technical files and associated documentation to ensure the provision of regulatory compliance information upon request.

When sourcing products from external organisations, Traffiglove demands confirmation that the technical files are current, complete, and contain suitable conformity assessment information. They take all necessary steps to validate the compliance documentation of the external supplier to maintain the integrity of the products offered.

Choosing Your Traffiglove Pair

To facilitate your selection process, we at Workwear Express have sifted through our vast collection of Traffiglove Gloves and highlighted a few of our favourites. Traffiglove’s innovative three-colour system, featuring red, amber, and green, indicates the level of cut resistance each glove offers. This visually memorable and universally understandable system aids in increasing wearer engagement and reducing workplace hand injuries.

At Workwear Express, we are not just offering a product, but a comprehensive solution. Selecting Traffiglove means choosing enhanced hand protection, superior quality, and a commitment to sustainability. Protect your team with Traffiglove – where safety meets sustainability.

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