Ansell 78-203 Versatouch K/Wrist Dot Palm (313Xb) Cut B

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Thermal acrylic liner offer comfort in use and very good thermal insulation.
Can be used for a very wide range of food processing applications.
(Storage Areas, Handling of frozen products, Under glove for meat/fish transformation, Transportation).
The 78-203 with micro dots on the palm are excellent for applications where additional grip is required.
Offer protection against cuts and liquids for use under either liquid protective or cut protective gloves.
Latex-free: no risk of Type 1 allergies.
Ideal Applications: Handling of frozen products.
Storage areas.
Under glove for meat/fish processing.
In refrigerated or chilled conditions in non-sterile and dry food handling.
Primary Industries: Food.

EN 388:2016 (313XB)
EN 511