When Should You Wear Safety Glasses?


Each year there are thousands of people who fall victim to some form of eye injury while at work with building/construction industries being those most at risk due to the tools and materials used. Even the most minor injury, such as a scratch from a piece of sawdust, can cause lifelong vision problems which could have been easily avoided had a pair of safety glasses or goggles been worn.

So when should you be wearing a pair of safety glasses at work? Well before any work is carried out you first need to evaluate the safety precautions needed on site.

What hazards are on site?

Look at the tools and materials at your disposal and begin to analyse each one with a worst case scenario frame of mind.

What eye protection should be worn?

Should you have answered yes to any of the questions posed above then eye protection must be worn at all times. However the type of eye protection you need to wear will depend on the potential hazardous risks you will experience at your place of work.

How to be proactive

While it’s important to wear the required safety glasses and eye protection when working in hazardous environments that offer a range of potential eye injuries, it’s equally important to try and minimise the potential of eye injuries to your workers and those nearby by placing a range of safety measures in place prior to work beings carried out.

One of the biggest reasons why people injured in the work place weren’t wearing their safety glasses is simply because they didn't think they needed to wear then. Educating employees as to when they need to wear their safety eyewear can go a long way in helping to significantly reduce the number of eye injuries which will occur within your place of work.