What Is A Pantone Reference?


When we personalise any garments with a logo or design, we use the Pantone colour matching system in order to make sure that the colours used are an exact match to those in the customer’s artwork. You may think that you just want your logo to be in red, but there are in fact dozens of different shades of red which are included within the Pantone system.

So what exactly is the Pantone colour matching system?

Created by Pantone Inc. in 1963, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a universally recognised colour matching system used in not just printing but also for coloured paints, fabrics and even plastics. Originally starting out as a small fan deck consisting on small cardboard sheets each printed with an individual colour, the Pantone colour palette has grown to over 1,100 unique numbered colour references.

Some of the common Pantones that people tend to use for their garments are shown below.