Should I Have Print or Embroidery?


When it comes down to deciding which application would be best to show off your branded workwear and promotional clothing, there are a number of factors that we consider before recommending which process we believe would be best to provide you with the highest standard of personalised clothing.

In deciding what type of application method you want to use for your garments, there are three main questions you want to ask yourself:

Promotional Clothing

Although you can pretty much have any garment as promotional clothing, when it comes to product launches, events or any other promotional activity you may be running, there are generally a select number of garments types that people tend to use in order to provide the greatest exposure for an event.


Printed clothing is the choice of many when it comes to promotional clothing. They allow for a large and colourful design which is visually appealing and also enable some of the more intricate and complex designs to be showcased in all their glory. Depending on the garments you choose, printed promotional clothing can be a much more cost effective process allowing you to have thousands of promotional garments created in a very short space of time.

While printed t-shirts are the popular choice for many when it comes to promotional clothing due to their low cost and ability to incorporate a range of front, back and sleeve designs, there are still plenty of other garments that can also be used. The types of promotional garments you can have printed with your logo or design are typically:

Many of these garments will be able to hold a variety of designs across different areas of the garments making them ideal for promotional clothing. If you are looking for promotional clothing that has a number of different colours, print is going to be the choice for you.


While print may be the choice of many when it comes to developing a selection of promotional clothing for your business or organisation, embroidery is still a popular choice for professional business clothing. However, the use of embroidery is dependant mainly on the type of garment which you want to have embroidered and the size of the design you wish to have applied.

Some garments such as blouses and lightweight t-shirts may be made up of fabric that is just a little too thin for it to be able to hold an embroidered logo and this may result in the application pulling the fabric. In these cases we would recommend either reducing the size of the embroidered logo or changing the production method on the garment from embroidery to print. Another factor which we previously touched on is the size of the embroidered logo you wish to have applied. When it comes to embroidered clothing, a large logo (such as a big back or front print) contains literally tens of thousands of stitches and carries with it a lot of weight and strain on the garment. For this reason, we recommend that if you do require a large logo that covers the entirety of the front or back, print would be a better option as opposed to having the garments embroidered.

While there are some more questions to consider when deciding to opt for embroidered clothing, there are still some fantastic embroidered garments that you can create for your promotional clothing range. Pretty much any garment type we offer can be embroidered as long as there is enough space and a high enough fabric weight to hold the design.

A few garments you may want to consider that work especially well when it comes to promotional clothing are:

If you’re looking for promotional clothing that looks professional, is long lasting and is much more durable than some printed garments, then embroidery is your method of application.

Staff Uniforms

When it comes to creating a staff uniforms for your business, you are ultimately looking for garments which are smart in appearance and show off your logo in a professional manner. As such, embroidery tends to be the application of choice as it is considered to be much more professional and long lasting in appearance than its print counterpart. While there are a whole host of embroidery options such as either left or right breast, both sleeves or the nape of neck, the left breast embroidery is the popular choice of many businesses to show off their brand logo.

Whether you’re looking to create sharp corporate clothing using shirts, , trousers and suit jackets or something a bit more informal with polo shirts and fleece jackets, embroidery works fantastically well in both regards. When deciding what application is right for your uniform you need to again ask yourself some fundamental questions. Do you want your staff uniforms to just be branded with your company logo? Do you want them to show your website? Contain a telephone number? Display an employee’s name? Or also contain the logos of sponsors or affiliated partners? Each one of these questions will dictate the type of garment you opt for and the production process that goes with it. In embroidery, size is everything and if your logos are small enough to be comfortably embroidered while still maintaining that professional appearance, then there’s a world of options for you to create your own of workwear collection and staff uniforms.

When would we print on to uniforms?

We generally print on uniforms when they don’t meet one of the embroidery parameters that we’ve outlined above. A lot of businesses like to have their logo printed on the left breast and then their web address of phone number in large text on the back. The majority of the time, this large back application is too big for embroidery and would result in the logo pulling on the fabric. In these circumstances we advise that the back logo should be printed with the small logos still being embroidered.

In Summary