How To Add A Logo To Your Clothing


While we have tried our hardest to provide an easy to use online platform which allows everyone to add a logo, text or other design to their clothing in a matter of minutes, there are some times when you're just having one of those days and just can't seem to get it done exactly as you would like. Don't worry help is at hand!

Select Your Products

The very first thing you want to do is to select your products. With 6,000+ products to choose from this might take you a little while but once you've found exactly what you want, select your colours and quantities for each product and then select 'Add To Basket & Add your logo.'

If you are looking to add a logo to multiple garments, it's much easier to add all of your garments to the basket before adding your logo rather than adding your logo to each product as you go along. This will save you a large amount of time.

In The Basket

Once you've entered the basket, you then need to decide which products you want to add a logo to. In order to add a logo you must first tick the boxes next to each product to which you are to add a logo. With the boxes ticket you then need to click on the orange 'Add Logo' button at the bottom.

If you want to add one logo to specific garments in your basket and then a completely different logo to other garments in your basket, you should do this in two separate processes. First select the first batch of garments, add the logo and then return to the basket and carry out the same process but for the second batch of garments with the second logo. Trying to do then both at the same time could result in you incorrectly adding the wrong logos to the wrong garments. 

Add Your Logo

Choose a customisation

Before you can begin adding the logo to your garments, you must first select whether you want to upload a new logo or use an existing logo/design that you have used on a previous order. Whenever a customer places an order with us, all of their artwork is saved in our records and which enables customers to use as previous logos again without having to pay to have them set up. 


If you have previously added logos or other designs to orders placed online, there will be other options next to these two customisation options which will allow you to find and select the logo design you wish to use on this order. 

Choose an application style

The next step is to choose the type of application you would like to be added to your garments. You first need to decide whether you would like a logo or text added to your order, followed by whether you want the application method to be embroidery or print. This decision is going to be based on not just your personal preference, but the type of garments you are currently adding a logo to and what exactly you are looking to have applied to your garments. For more information to help you make this decision you should check out our helpful article:  Should I Have Print or Embroidery?

Selecting a logo

If you choose to have a logo applied to your garments, you will be met by the options shown below which will require you to select the image file on your computer and upload it to your order. We accept a wide range of artwork files to suit your needs but we always recommend that you send us through the highest image quality file you have (ideally an AI, PSD or EPS file) as this will ensure the best quality application on your order. Alternatively, you can choose to tick the 'Please contact me for my logo' which will allow you to place your order there and then and we will contact you at a later date to arrange for you to send your artwork through to us. This is ideal if you want to place an order but may not have your artwork file to hand at that very minute.

All of the artwork for every order is checked by an experienced member of staff from our artwork department to ensure everything has been uploaded correctly for your order. You will also receive an artwork sample of how your logo/design or text will look on the garments prior to production taking place. To go ahead with an order we require approval to be given and won't go ahead with production without it. It's also an opportunity for you to make any changes or amendments you may require prior to production. 

Selecting text

If you have chosen to opt for text, you will receive a different box after choosing your application style which will allow you to enter the text which you would like have on your garments along with choosing a desirable font and colour. However, these aren't the only fonts we offer. If you would like your text to be produced using a different font, please just let us know and we will be more than happy to use a font of your choosing. 

1. Enter the text which you would like to have on your garments.

2. Choose the font you would like the text to be in.

3. Choose the colour you want your text to be in.

4. See how your text looks with the font and colour applied to ensure you're happy with everything. 

Just like with a logo, you will receive an artwork swatch once you have placed your order which will show your embroidered/printed text to which we require approval before we can go ahead applying them to your garments. 

Choose an application location

Okay, so you know the what type of application you want and you've selected what type of application you want to have (logo or text), all that's left is to choose where on your garments you want the logo to applied. All you've got to do is click on each application position where you want to have your logo applied. This will then apply the logo to that position on every garment which you've selected which can have an application applied to that position. 

Each application cost per garment applies to every position which you select. So if you want to have your logo on the left breast and on the left sleeve, that will be 2 application costs per garment, one for each logo position you've chosen. If you have selected different garment types to add a logo (such as polo shirts and trousers) you will be able to see all of the application types for those different garments. However, when adding your logo,they will only be applicable to the garments which have those positions so if you select 'Left Breast' that will only apply to the polo shirts and if you choose 'Below Left Pocket' that will only apply to the trousers.  


If you're worried about the pricing suddenly ballooning out of control, don't worry we've got that covered too. As you go through the process of adding your logo to your garments, you will see a price calculator to the right of the Add Your Logo page which will automatically calculate your order total as you select your application choices while also giving you a breakdown of where each cost is coming from. 

Make Sure Everything Is Correct

Just before you complete your order, it's important to make sure everything is correct. Have you chosen the correct sizes and colours of the garments you want? Is all of the logo/text information added correctly? If it's all correct then you're ready to complete your order and checkout. However, just before you do, if you require your order by a specific date or ideally as soon as possible, we offer a few different delivery options which you can take advantage of to get your order at a time which suits your needs.

For more information on the range of delivery options available for you visit our  Free Next Day Delivery page.