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How do you find the best organic work t-shirts?

There are a lot of factors that you have to consider when it comes to finding the right work t-shirts. After all, you have to think about everything from the way they look to how comfortable they are to how much wear and tear they can stand up to. Fortunately, a lot of these factors can come down to one simple thing: material.

You’ve got a lot of options to choose from, from polyester to cotton blends. But if you really want to ensure the highest possible quality, there are few better options to choose from than 100% organic cotton. Here are just a few reasons why:


Organic cotton is incredibly sustainable. It’s grown in a way that minimises any impact on the environment, which is always a factor you need to consider when choosing any work apparel. It saves a great deal of water compared to manufacturing using other materials and the production of organic cotton uses far less energy.


Quality is especially important when you’re looking for work apparel. Organic work t-shirts are sturdy and long-lasting, allowing them to stand up to plenty of wear and tear. 


Organic cotton t-shirts are soft and kind to skin, ensuring maximum comfort all day long. The heavyweight material is still extremely breathable so you can be sure that you stay cool and comfortable no matter what.


Buying organic cotton work t-shirts means that you’ll never have to sacrifice style for comfort or durability. The soft, high-quality fabric helps to create the best possible fit, allowing work to carry on in style day in and day out.

At Workwear Express, we have a wide range of organic work t-shirts, here are a few of our favourites:

AWDis Organic Ecologie Cascade Tee

If you want to make sure that  every part of your business is environmentally friendly, including your apparel, then the AWDis Organic Ecologie Cascade Tee is the perfect choice for you. 

Grown using methods that ensure as little impact on the environment as possible, maintain soil fertility, and reduce the use of pesticides, the organic cotton used in this t-shirt is the ideal sustainable choice for any workplace.

Built to ensure the maximum levels of comfort and durability, this middleweight shirt provides plenty of airflow and flexibility so that it’s easy to work in all day long, no matter the time of year. The relaxed fit ensures a great balance of style and comfort and the side-seams ensure that the fit is flattering on all body types.

This t-shirt comes in a wide range of bold colours that will maintain their lustre even after multiple washes at 30C. The fabric quality makes it perfect for printing your logo or brand onto the garment.

The AWDis Organic Ecologie Cascade Tee is perfect for anyone looking to stay comfortable while reducing their impact on the environment.

What We Like: 

✓ Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

✓ Soft and kind to skin

✓ Flattering, relaxed fit

Best For: 

✓ Indoor workers

✓ Manual labourers

Asquith & Fox Men's Organic Polo 

An organic work t-shirt should strike the ideal balance between looking great and feeling comfortable, and few t-shirts do that better than the Asquith & Fox Men’s Organic Polo. 

This cotton t-shirt has a lightweight feel that is gentle against your skin and offers plenty of breathability no matter what kind of work you’re doing. The softness of the garment doesn’t compromise on its durability. This is a t-shirt that will last day after day.

Of course, it’s not just about how a t-shirt feels, it’s about how it looks. This organic polo t-shirt has a classic style that’s perfect for just about any work setting. No matter which of the multiple colours you choose from, the iconic polo style of this t-shirt, alongside the knitted collar and cuffs, ensures that you’re always looking your very best. 

The Asquith & Fox Men’s Organic Polo is the ideal choice when you want to make sure that your workforce looks professional without sacrificing comfort and wearability.

What We Like: 

Soft and durable construction

✓ Range of bold and eye-catching colours

✓ Classic and iconic polo style

Best For: 

✓ Everyday wear

✓ Service workers

✓ Office workers

Stanley / Stella Organic Shuffler Iconic Long Sleeve T-Shirt 

The perfect organic work t-shirt is one that needs to be extremely versatile and there are few t-shirts more versatile than the Stanley / Stella Organic Shuffler Iconic Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

With a simple and iconic fit that provides a fantastic balance between a relaxed and comfortable fit and classic, effortless style, this t-shirt is the perfect choice for any workplace where your employees need a little extra protection from the elements without sacrificing looking great. 

The sustainably grown cotton of this long sleeve t-shirt helps it remain soft and kind to your skin all day long and the lightweight, breathable construction helps you stay cool and dry, even during the most intense work day. 

This t-shirt comes in a wide range of colours that retain their brilliance after multiple washes and the cotton material is perfect for printing or embroidering your logo or branding onto. The soft jersey allows for the highest possible quality printing and embroidering, helping you achieve a professional, stylish look every time.

The Stanley / Stella Organic Shuffler Iconic Long Sleeve T-Shirt is the perfect choice for anyone who needs a versatile, comfortable, and stylish t-shirt that looks every bit as great as it feels.

What We Like: 

Relaxed, timeless fit

✓ Long sleeves allows for added protection from the weather

✓ Lightweight, breathable build

Best For: 

✓ Construction workers

✓ Office working