Size Guides Explained

Workwear Express are dedicated to helping find the perfect garments for you, covering everything from colour, suitability and size. When it comes to finding the best size for you we know it can be difficult when purchasing online,especially when ordering for a large team or group.

Because we stock a number of top brands, we can’t provide you with one, generic size guide. However, we do generally provide size guides per brand or in some cases per garment in order to offer as much help with sizing as possible. The size guides shown on site are given to us direct from the suppliers and we aim to update these as regularly as possible to ensure we are passing on the most relevant and up to date information on sizing.

Simply follow our guide below to help you find a size guide for the garment that you are viewing.

Step 1:

Find the product you would like to check sizes for. There should be a size guide at the right hand side of each item, above the size selection box.

Step 2:

Look at the sizes available. Here you can see sizes Extra Small (XS) to 6 Extra Large (6XL) above these sizes is a 'View Size Guide' link, click this to view the size guide for the item/brand (this will open up a PDF file). If this link is not on the item you are looking at please take a look at the supplier website for the item or you can contact us via Live Chat or on 0800 028 5867 

Step 3:

Your size guide will open up in a new tab on your device as a PDF. Please pay close attention to whether the size guide is referring to a fit by body size or the garment size.

Customer Notice:

Please be aware that some of the brands we stock may have a size tolerance. Individual brands provide manufacturers with a set 'tolerance', meaning garments can slightly vary in size from their measurements by a set percentage and still be deemed fit for sale. Because of this, slight discrepancies may occur and size tolerance may vary from brand to brand so a medium in one brand may be equivalent to a large in another brand.  To make sure you pick the right size, we recommend looking at size guides per brand and we also recommend customers take advantage of our free returns service to order in samples and test garments for size before any personalisation is added to the garment. . You can see more about our returns service here:

Size guides are given to us directly from our suppliers. To ensure we are passing on the most relevant and recent size guide information to you, we aim to update with the latest size guides that we are sent as soon as we receive them. 
All size guides are available on computer, tablets and mobile devices although some size guides may be difficult to read on mobile so we recommend checking on desktop devices.

If you are unsure which size is best for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch! You can speak to one of our expert customer service agents over the phone on 0800 028 5867 or alternatively contact us on live chat.